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Essential Oils for Baby

Essential Oils for Babies -

Essential Oils for Babies

Want to learn how to use essential oils to make your own baby products? I’ve got some great ideas to help you save money and feel great about making your own non-toxic products for way less than what you’d pay for in the stores. And read my companion post on Essential Oils for Kids (2 years and up).
Essential Oils for Babies & Kids -

Gentle Babies Book

Before we dive into how to make your own DIY baby products, I want to introduce a fantastic book. Gentle Babies book is a complete guide on how to use essential oils for babies and kids.

It’s filled with essential oils tips for pregnancy, childbirth, infants and young children. I’ve read it and absolutely loved it. It’s a must-have for both first-time and seasoned parents.

Okay, now on to my favorite essential oil uses for little ones.

Essential Oils for Baby

1. All-purpose cleaner for diaper changing tables & pails

Use a few drops of Lemon oil in a small spray bottle with water and spray areas to naturally clean.

2. Baby oil

Mix 2 tbsp of a carrier oil (coconut oil or sweet almond works well) with 3-4 drops of Lavender oil. Store in an airtight container and use as needed.

3. Baby powder

Mix 2 tbsp of arrowroot powder with a few drops of Lavender oil. Stir together and store in an airtight container to use as needed.

4. Baby wipes

I’ve got an easy tutorial to make your own baby wipes – both disposable and reusable – with Lavender oil.

5. Diaper relief

Dilute Gentle Baby 1:30 with a carrier oil. Another option that works for me is to add 2-3 of Lavender oil to a tbsp of coconut oil.

6. Massage oil

A baby massage is great way to bond with baby. Apply 1 drop of Lavender oil 1:1 with a carrier oil and massage baby’s back, tummy, legs, arms and feet.

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Essential Oils for Kids and Families
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