DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Did you know you can make your own cleaning wipes for pennies compared to the disposable wipes from the store? It’s so easy. I’ll show you step by step in this easy tutorial for DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes.

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DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes with bottles of essential oils and lemons on a table

Ditch those disposable cleaning wipes filled with bleach and antibacterial cleaning agents and make these easy DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes instead. They’re so much better for you and the environment. But first, let’s delve deeper into why those bleach cleaning wipes need to go…

Ditch Disposable Cleaning Wipes

Did you know disposable cleaning wipes are loaded with bleach and other toxic chemicals? WHAT?! Yep. And I speak from experience. I was THAT mom who has the bleach cleaning wipes and thought cleaning every surface of my home – the floors, countertops, doorknobs, etc. – would kill all the germs and bacteria. But guess what? All the chemicals in those bleach cleaning wipes were actually making my family sick.

The bleach and other antibacterial cleaning agents in those disposable cleaning wipes can actually trigger asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues just by using them on surfaces in your home. That means, just be touching or breathing in these chemicals can cause these health issues. Not to mention, direct exposure can irritate the skin, and kids who ingest the chemicals can be at risk for poisoning.

Ugh! So what can you do instead? Here’s the thing… you don’t need those bleach and antibacterial cleaners to make your home clean. Your body needs some healthy bacteria to thrive, but I get it… you want to prevent things like the cold or flu from going around.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

So figure out whether you need to clean or disinfect. They are two different things. Cleaning just means wiping up a mess, cleaning up dirt, etc. Disinfecting means to kill bacteria on a surface, which you can easily do with hydrogen peroxide. Most of us disinfect everything when it’s not really needed. Just focus on things like kitchen messes from handling raw meat or chicken, cutting boards, etc. Use hydrogen peroxide direct on those surfaces and check out 15 Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide You Didn’t Know.

For other cleaning, you can use these DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes. It makes cleaning a breeze! Just take one out and use to clean the kitchen countertops, doorknobs, refrigerator, dusting, bathroom surfaces, baseboards, etc. The essential oils make them smell amazing too.

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How to Make DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Get your ingredients together.

items needed for wipes

Add water to the airtight glass container, and then add liquid castile soap.

adding liquid soap to container

Add 5 drops of each oil an mix well. I’m using Lemongrass and Lavender here. It cleans so well and makes the whole house smell amazing. Another great option is Thieves or Tea Tree.

adding essential oil to container

Cut the reusable cloth wipes in half.

cutting cloth

Roll the reusable cloth wipes and place them standing up in the airtight glass container.

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes in jar

Add the rest of the water and hydrogen peroxide (this helps to keep the water solution sanitized and extends the shelf life to about a week).

adding hydrogen peroxide to container

Close lid and shake well.

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipe in jar

Less Wasteful and Cheaper Cleaning Wipes

Disposable wipes are the epitome of wastefulness with their single-use, toss it in the trash when you’re done philosophy. This is just terrible for the environment and not at all green or eco-friendly.

Disposable cleaning wipes are expensive. Considering that we use these one time, and then toss them in the trash – and a typical cleaning job will use at least 2-3 sheets – we’re literally throwing away money every month on these things!

Top Tips for Using These DIY Cleaning Wipes

  • Take a wipe out as needed to clean surfaces. The water/peroxide solution will last about a week. The hydrogen peroxide helps to keep the water sanitized.
  • Separate all dirty wipes and set them to the side. Wash them together in the laundry machine.
  • Make a new batch of reusable wipes as needed.

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DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes on a table with essential oils and lemons

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Don't Mess With Mama
Did you know you can make your own cleaning wipes for pennies compared to the disposable wipes from the store? It's so easy. I'll show you step by step in this easy tutorial for DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes.

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  • Add ½ the water to the airtight glass container then add the liquid castile soap.
  • Add 5 drops of each essential oil an mix well.
  • Cut the reusable cloth wipes in half.
  • Roll each one and place them standing up in the airtight glass container.
  • Add the rest of the water and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Close lid and shake well.
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  1. Do you dump out the cleaning solution after the last wipe is used or can you add clean reusable cloths to the solution left in the jar?

  2. 5 stars
    Looks simple and effective. I have a question about washing the cloths. Do they need to be washed separately or can they go in with a full load of clothes, towels, etc?

  3. 5 stars
    Where do you purchase your cloth wipes? And what type of material are they? Like the scrubbing kind of cloths or microfiber, etc?