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DIY Shoe Powder in a jar
DIY Shoe Powder

Got stinky shoes? Deodorize them and make them smell fresh and clean with this DIY Shoe Powder. It's so easy to make and made with all-natural ingredients. It's like the natural remedy for stinky shoes.

Author: Don't Mess With Mama
  1. Combine arrowroot powder and baking soda into a glass jar with metal ring lid. 

  2. Add essential oil (this helps with odor control) to the mixture in the glass jar. Use a spoon to mix well.

  3. Cut cardstock to fit the lid. 

  4. Using a nail or thumb tack poke holes into cardstock. 

  5. Place it on top of your glass jar then secure with a lid ring.

  6. Sprinkle in shoes at night. Empty them out into the trashcan the next morning.