6 Plastic Free Food Storage Ideas

Before you reach for yet another Tupperware container or search frantically for the lid consider switching to these plastic free food storage ideas instead. Not only are plastic containers harmful to the planet but they are harmful to your health too. A plastic-free kitchen is easier than you think thanks to these 6 storage solutions.

Why should we not use plastic containers for food storage?

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Let’s start with the obvious reason, that a plastic free kitchen is better for the environment. It’s no secret plastic is polluting our oceans and contributing to landfill at a devasting rate. By lessening the demand for plastic products, we can reduce plastic waste overall which will prove more environmentally friendly.

Secondly, plastic free food storage is actually better for your health, not just the planet’s. Chemicals such as BPA and phthalates can be found in plastic containers. In time these chemicals can contaminate food, especially if you reheat the food in these containers.

It is also believed that we ingest microplastics from the food and drink stored in these containers which is why making the switch to a reusable, plastic free option is better for you.

Finally, if you are decluttering your home filling your cupboards with yet more bulky containers is not a good plan. Not to mention the match the lid to the container mission that we moms regularly battle with. Instead, these plastic free storage containers either take up less space, utilize what you already own and overall avoid contributing to clutter.

6 Plastic Free Food Storage Ideas

1.Glass Mason Jars

Mason jars or glass jars are a great way to store your leftovers. Best of all, they can be thrown in the dishwasher and used over and over again without degrading – unlike plastic. You can buy mason jars in quarts or half-gallon sizes for larger dishes, and even reheat some of your food items right from the jar.

Mason jars are also renowned for not leaking so they are perfect for sauces, smoothies, and more. They can sometimes be a little pricey, so I recommend buying them in bulk when you can find a good deal as the investment will be so worth it.

2. Stainless Steel Tins and Bento Boxes

You can buy bento boxes and other creative stainless steel tins online. These are great for kids’ lunch boxes or just an easy meal prep container for your food.

They often contain multiple dividers which are ideal for food storage as you can use one box for multiple portions or food types. This means your crispy  apple chips can be stored alongside chocolate avocado pudding with no compromise on freshness or risk of leaking into each other.

It also helps with portion control as it is easy to control the amount of food in each section – perfect for teaching kids about a healthy, balanced diet.

3. Glass Storage Containers with Silicone Lids

There are a ton of Tupperware replacements that are glass containers. They do sell some that have plastic lids, but if you look hard enough, you can also find some that come with silicone lids instead.

Silicone is more durable and ocean-friendly than plastic as it is made from silica found in sand. Silicone is also better if you plan on reheating food in the storage container as it doesn’t release toxins, unlike plastic.

glass jars filled with dry food like beans, rice stacked in a pantry

4. Cups, Bowls, and Dishes

When searching for plastic free food storage sometimes the best solution is no storage at all. Many times, storage containers are simply not necessary. Whether fresh fruit or leftovers, some food will stay fresh in a regular bowl, cup, or dish.

Not only will this make avoiding plastic easy, but it will save you buying (and filling your cupboards) with yet more containers.  Before you consider using something that contains plastic or look for an alternative, ask yourself if it would be fine without one.

5. Natural Parchment Paper

Natural parchment paper is ideal for plastic free kitchens as it has so many uses and benefits. There are many kinds of natural parchment paper out there, and it is one of the best ways to store food like sandwiches, meat, or fish.

It is treated with an ultra-thin silicone coating which means the parchment paper is greaseproof as well as heat resistant. Traditional parchment paper is often bleached which contains toxins. By using natural parchment paper you also avoid chemical migration to your food which plastic solutions such as Saran wrap can cause.

Sandwich wrapped in parchment paper

6. Silicone Suction Lids

On the topic of using what you already own, if you have great bowls but need a way to add a lid, now you can. There are a ton of great silicone suction lids that can attach to your bowls, casserole dishes, and more.

They come in a variety of sizes, which makes them a great alternative to Tupperware. It’s also ideal if you’re keen on less clutter in your kitchen as they’ll take up less space than adding new containers to your cupboard.

While for many years Tupperware ruled our pantries and fridges, hopefully, this list of food storage ideas highlights that plastic is not always best. You may have to do a little research and plan ahead, but there is no reason you can’t store your food without the use of plastic. Not only is it better for the planet but a plastic free kitchen is better for your health too.

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