30+ Low Carb and Low Carb Asian Recipes

These 30+ Low Carb and Paleo Asian Recipes are so delicious. Find your favorite Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian Paleo-friendly recipes.

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Going Paleo doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite Asian dishes. These 30+ Primal, Paleo  and Low Carb Asian Recipes are healthy alternatives for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese classics, including sushi, pad Thai, Kung Pao chicken and even Chinese almond cookies.

Low Carb and Paleo Swaps

I found that rice or vegetable noodles (get this amazing vegetable spiralizer to make your own vegetable noodles) were perfect for swaps for wheat noodles. I also found Coconut Aminos – a soy sauce alternative that’s derived from coconuts and both soy free and gluten free – and Organicville Sky Valley Sriacha hot sauce – a gluten free and preservative free Asian hot sauce. Both sauces serve as a base for many of my own Asian meals as well as those below.

30+ Low Carb and Paleo Asian Recipes



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Is Fish Sauce Approved on a Paleo Diet?

If fish sauce is made with just fish and salt (and possibly other natural ingredients for flavor), then it can be safely consumed on a Paleo diet. Some brands of fish sauce have sugar or chemicals like monosodium glutamate (MSG) added. Some highly processed products labeled “fish sauce” may also contain hydrolyzed wheat protein.

If you’re following a clean or Paleo diet, avoid these additives and preservatives and look for fish sauce brands that only contain truly natural and pure ingredients. Fish sauce contains a large amount of salt, however, so if you are watching your salt intake you will want to use it sparingly.

What Can Be Substituted for Oyster Sauce?

Most people use soy sauce as an oyster sauce substitute, as the former provides some color and flavor to the dish. You may also add half a teaspoon of sugar to gluten-free soy sauce or Tamari. Some people add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce to soy sauce, which is meant to replace oyster sauce. Just be sure you’re getting a gluten-free Worcestershire sauce.

Top Tips for These Paleo And Low Carb Asian Recipes

  • Rice or vegetable noodles are a great swap for wheat noodles.
  • A spiralizer is a great tool for making vegetable noodles.
  • Coconut Aminos is a good Paleo substitute for traditional soy sauce.
  • When using a wok, make sure it is very hot before cooking.

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  1. I just began a low-carb diet and am thrilled to have come across this list of low-carb Asian dishes. Asian food is my favorite and the thought of going without it is painful. I’m super excited to see some of my faves on this list as well as a bunch of new dishes to try. Thanks so much!