Take the stress out of dinner

Get 70+ gluten-free meals your whole family will love with this cookbook + real food nutrition guide

Want simple gluten-free recipes your whole family will love? 

Gluten Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids Cookbook is what you need. It’s filled with 70+ delicious, kid-tested gluten-free, wholesome recipes the whole family will love and made without gluten, artificial ingredients and preservatives. 

It’s so much more than a cookbook – it’s a real food guide. You'll also get:

  • Healthy fats guide
  • How to decode food labels
  • Simple ingredients to stock in your refrigerator and pantry
  • How to make gluten-free meals without complicated ingredients and recipes
  • Tips to help kids become better eaters and try new foods 
  • And much more!
Gluten-Free Real Food Recipes for Kids Cookbook by Tracey Black

Kid-tested recipes

70+ delicious, kid-tested recipes – from appetizers to main dishes to desserts made with real food ingredients

minimum prep

Minimum prep

Most meals can be made in 30 minutes or less with vegan, vegetarian, grain-free + egg-free options


Foster good eaters

Tips to help kids become better eaters and help in the kitchen

In this book, you'll learn:

  • Why gluten free doesn’t mean processed free and how to spot toxic chemical food additives and preservatives
  • All about real food nutrition – including why your kids need to eat saturated fats, bone broth and gelatin, and fermented foods
  • How to properly soak and sprout nuts, seeds, beans and gluten-free grains for better digestibility
  • How to prepare recipe basics – such as All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour How to cook 70+ delicious, kid-tested recipes – with many vegan, vegetarian, grain-free and egg-free options
  • 70+ kid-tested recipes both kids and adults will love. Recipes include perennial kid-favorites such as Pizza and Chicken Fingers – as well as more modern cuisine such as Quinoa, Feta and Tomato Salad and Bacon-Wrapped Dates (kids do love it).
Gluten-Free Real Food For Kids Cookbook

“I got the privilege to read Gluten Free, Real Food Recipes for Kids and I love it. It is the perfect tool for families starting out eating a gluten free and processed free diet. Tracey does an amazing job of explaining how to eat healthy and then giving over 70 recipes that will be sure to become go-to kitchen staples. This ebook is filled with so many tips and tricks that will make transitioning to a real food diet easy and not overwhelming and confusing. Thanks Tracey! I will definitely be recommending this to on my blog and to my patients!” 

Dr. Meghan Birt Just Enjoy Food

"Gluten Free, Real Recipes for Kids is an amazing resource for those who can’t eat gluten. Your kids won’t feel deprived cutting gluten out of their diet with these recipes as they can still eat healthy versions of all their favourite foods. These recipes are great for the whole family and you make cooking really easy. I especially love the long-lasting healthy ketchup and mayonnaise recipes. This book can easily become a staple recipe book as the recipes are family friendly, easy to make and contain easy to find ingredients.”

Katherine Kyle Green Thickies

Start making gluten-free meals your kids will LOVE!