DIY Mini Carrier Oil Stick – Make it for Just 20 Cents!

Forget the mess. Make your own mini DIY Carrier Oil Stick to use essential oils on the go. It’s so easy and cheap to make – just 20 cents per tube!

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3 bottles of essential oil and a diy oil carrier stick sitting on a wooden surface

Love to use your essential oils on the go? Me too! There’s only one thing… carrying around carrier oil can be messy. So I came up with this mini DIY Carrier Oil Stick you can make for pennies to use on the go without the mess.

First, what is a carrier oil?

It’s a fatty or nutty oil like coconut, almond, or even olive oil. These carrier oils help to dilute essential oils to make it easier to use on a larger area of the body (like the back) and help to time release essential oils to make them last longer. Carrier oils are also suggested for use on kids.

But like I said, carting carrier oils around with me has been messy. So I started looking for an alternative, and it hit me one day while I was making a batch of lip balm. I can make a mini DIY Carrier Oil Stick with the same ingredients! I was so excited, and then I found out that carrier oils sticks have been around a while. However, most of them are 2 oz or so.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like to carry things that are too heavy in my purse – even if it’s just 2 oz. – because I have so many other things to carry. Plus, retail versions of those carrier oil sticks are upwards of $10 or more! I can show you how to make it for a FRACTION of the price, including the container.

This mini DIY Carrier Oil Stick is the size of a lip balm container – just about 0.15 oz. That’s so easy and light to carry – even the kids can put it in their backpack. And it makes a great gift when you’re sharing essential oils with others. Plus, it contains organic, simple ingredients so you can feel good about using it for yourself and your family.

So when it comes to recipes like these, I like to go for easy. Sure you could substitute the sweet almond oil for shea butter or even cocoa butter, but I like to go easy. Sometimes, I’ll even omit the sweet almond oil altogether and just do 3 tbsp of coconut oil and 1.5 tbsp of beeswax. Super simple, right?

DIY Carrier Oil Stick – Make it for Just 20 Cents!

A graphic for how to make a diy carrier oil stick


A small diy carrier oil stick on a wooden table with 3 bottles of essential oil

DIY Carrier Oil Stick - Make it for Just 20 Cents!

Don't Mess With Mama
Forget the mess. Make your own mini DIY Carrier Oil Stick to use essential oils on the go. It's so easy and cheap to make - just 20 cents per tube!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 stick


  • Use a double boiler on low heat to melt all ingredients.
  • Remove from heat once melted.
  • Fill lip balm tins and let cool for up to an hour to firm up.

How to Use DIY Carrier Oil Stick:

  • Just swipe back and forth on skin to desired amount of carrier oil, and then add essential oil of choice. Voila! A cheap option to use carrier oils on the go without the mess. I consider a swipe back and forth about 2-3 drops of liquid carrier oil. Dilute more with the carrier oil stick as needed.


  • Cost Breakdown $0.34 for almond oil ($10.88 for 16 oz. almond oil) $0.75 for coconut oil ($12.04 for 16 oz. coconut oil) $0.68 for beeswax pastilles ($14.59 for 16 oz. of beeswax) $0.16 for empty lip balm tube ($7.97 for 50 empty tubes)
  • Total = $1.94 for 10 DIY carrier oil sticks OR about $0.20 per stick!
  • And if you wanted to get a 2 oz. twist-up container to make a bigger DIY carrier oil stick, the total cost would be about $1.94 total!
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  1. I’m new to essential oils, when you say you carry different oils what exactly do you mean? and if you use the mix you mention above then when do you add the oils? Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m just trying to figure out where to start and with 3 little ones I figure this stick is safer than carrying oil containers.

  2. What is the heat tolerance on this recipe? I want one I can carry around and not have to worry about it melting down. (I live in Oklahoma. Summer temps of 90-105 degrees are the normal. I like carrier sticks but don’t want to find a puddle in my purse or car.