DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Keep the kids busy with this simple indoor craft. Here’s a great friendship bracelet tutorial. Complete with step by step instructions and images. Add a drop of essential oil to the bracelet for aromatherapy on the go.

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Closeup of DIY friendship bracelets

While on a family vacation, we were rained in and needed an indoor craft to keep the kids busy. We had some yarn and decided to make these DIY friendship bracelets. In fact, I’m still wearing mine and we’ve been back for over a month. I bought a kit from Michael’s, but I admit it was overly complicated for me. But the ONE method I did understand was this easy knot style bracelet. Read on for this friendship bracelet tutorial!

Where Did Friendship Bracelets Come From?

The handwoven knots used to create friendship bracelets can generally be traced back to Native Americans, although knot-tying also has a history in China and other parts of the world. In China, some of the earliest forms of decorative knots date as far back as 481-221 B.C.

The making of friendship bracelets can also be traced to Central America. They were first seen in the US in the early 1970s. According to tradition, the recipient of the bracelet must wear it until the cords wear out and fall off naturally to honor the hard work and love his/her friend put into making it.

Now you know a bit of the history, you give this Friendship Bracelet Tutorial a try.

The Perfect Gift for Friendship Day

This friendship bracelet tutorial makes you some really thoughtful gifts to give out. Why not give a bracelet – or two – on National Friendship Day! In the US, national friendship day falls on Feb 15th.

Supplies Needed for this DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need:

  • Two colors of thread or string (find embroidering string or friendship bracelet string at a craft store like Michael’s)
  • Consider whether you want a thin/tight bracelet (use 1 string per color) or a thick/loosely woven bracelet (use 2-3 strings per color
  • Measure about 12 inches per string – I just measure from my fingers to my elbow
  • Now follow directions below…

Closeup of yarn and scissors for this friendship bracelet tutorial

Tutorial: How to Make this DIY Friendship Bracelet

Step 1: Cut each 12-inch string, then tie one end in a knot and tape to a table or flat surface you’ll be working on. Separate colors so you have 2 sets of string.Closeup of string knotted together for this friendship bracelet tutorial

Step 2: Take one color side and wrap around the other color set of string.Closeup of string knotted together to make a DIY friendship bracelet

Step 3: Loop around to make a knot.Closeup of string knotted together to make a DIY friendship bracelet

Step 4: Pull knot until you can’t pull anymore – it should flush against the first knot.Closeup of string knotted together with a twist

Step 5: Grab other color set of string and cross over.Closeup of string knotted together

Step 6: Loop around to tie a knot.Closeup of string knotted together to make a DIY friendship bracelet

Step 7: Pull knot until it flushes against the previous knot.Closeup of string knotted together to make a DIY friendship bracelet

Step 8: Keep repeating steps 2-7. The knot braid should look like this. Continue until the bracelet measures around the wrist. The thick/loosely woven bracelet will have more stretch.Closeup of blue and yellow string knotted together

Step 9: Once you’ve got the length you need to wrap around the rest just double tie the ends together, and cut off the excess pieces. And voila! The easiest friendship bracelet ever.Closeup of completed DIY friendship bracelet

Aromatherapy DIY Friendship Bracelets

An easy way for your kids to enjoy aromatherapy on the go is to add a drop or two of essential oils on these DIY Friendship Bracelets when they’re completed. Ask your kids to pick their favorite essential oils.

Essential oil suggestions:

  • Peppermint to help with focus, mental clarity, or motivation
  • Lavender to help calm and relax
  • Peace & Calming blend to help chill at the end of a long day
  • Valor blend to help give confidence for the first day of school or for a big school project (like speaking in front of other students)

Top Tips for This Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

  • Use embroidering string or friendship bracelet string at a craft store like Michael’s.
  • Consider if you want a thin or thick bracelet, use the right amount of string for your choice.
  • The base string in friendship bracelet making should be treated just like a warp thread in beading. It should be held firmly/taught and STRAIGHT as you make the knots on to it.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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