7 Surprising Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

From reducing inflammation to promoting healthy skin, there are so many benefits of cod liver oil. However, not all cod liver oils are created equal. Some contain less beneficial nutrients and higher contaminants than others. Learn why extra virgin cod liver oil is the best variety and what it can do for your health.

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What is Cod Liver Oil?

As the name describes, cod liver oil is an oil extracted from the livers of cod fish. While technically, you can consume it by eating fish, this will not provide the same levels of nutrients. This is why cod liver oil is more commonly taken as a dietary supplement.

Either in capsule or liquid form, cod liver oil contains a high amount of vitamins A and D. These are vital nutrients for supporting the immune system as well as playing an important role in cell growth and eye health. It can be difficult to obtain enough of these nutrients from our diets alone, which is why this golden oil is growing in popularity.

Cod liver oil is also one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which do wonders for glowing skin as well as help to reduce inflammation. Note, although both are high in omega-3s, cod liver oil is not to be confused with fish oil. Fish oil is extracted from the flesh of oily fish such as herring, mackerel, and anchovies, so is different in composition and offers different benefits to cod liver oil.

Types of Cod Liver Oil

Before I dive into the many benefits of cod liver oil, it’s important to note that some are better quality than others. In fact, most cod liver oils on the market are heavily processed and contain additives or synthetic vitamins. This is why it is important to choose high-quality extra virgin cod liver oil from a reputable source to make sure you can obtain the full range of health benefits.

Unlike other cod liver oil varieties, extra virgin cod liver oil is not processed using heat or chemicals. These methods can damage the oil’s omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Extra virgin cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of fresh, wild codfish using a unique process that preserves as much of the oil’s nutritional properties as possible.

Not only does extra virgin cod liver oil contain more nutrients (including high levels of vitamins A and D, omega-3s, and antioxidants), but it contains low levels of contaminants such as mercury.

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Sourcing Cod Liver Oil

While it can be tempting to add the cheapest cod liver oil to your cart, it’s important to consider sourcing. This means looking into the supply chain of your supplements. If the cod has come from polluted waters, this can affect the quality of your cod liver oil.

The extraction and processing methods are also important. Some manufacturers ground the liver with water to form a slurry. This is then simmered over high heat until the oil rises to the top. The oil is then skimmed off and purified.

As you can imagine, this extraction process damages the nutritional benefits of cod liver oil. Instead, by ensuring you source the purest form possible, you can obtain the health benefits without fear of pollutants or additives.

Reasons to Choose Rosita Cod Liver Oil

With that being said, you’re maybe now wondering which brand of cod liver oil is best. With so many on the market and some more secretive about sourcing than others, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your money. That’s where I can help. Here is why I consider Rosita cod liver oil my favorite:


The first reason Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is my go-to, is because it is authentic. It is extracted from the livers of wild Norwegian codfish using an ancient extraction technique. This means that the oil is separated from the liver naturally, without the use of chemicals, heat, or solvents. This also means the oil itself is completely raw and unrefined, so the nutritional value is completely protected.

No synthetic vitamins or additives

Secondly, there are no synthetics or additives. When other brands use heat to extract the oil, this causes damage to the remaining vitamins and minerals. This means the majority of companies then try and boost the cod liver oil with synthetic vitamins and minerals. The only additions to Rosita Cod Liver Oil are a tiny drop of rosemary herb and full spectrum vitamin E (from sunflower seeds) this helps to maintain freshness and prevent rancidity.

Sustainable Sourcing

Finally, they are an open book on sourcing. Rosita controls the entire process from fish to bottle. Using only fresh, wild cod from Northern Norway, means the fish are sourced from some of the cleanest and purest waters in the world. This also means that Rosita cod liver oil is not only safer but more sustainable. The fish are sustainably caught using a simple hook and line by the brand’s own fishing boats.

Natural Taste

I do find it has a mild fishy taste (you’ll find this with most cod liver oils), but you do get used to it. For me, the slightly unpleasant taste is worth it as you know they haven’t used flavorings or additives to try and mask the natural taste.

If the taste is putting you off giving Rosita cod liver oil a try, I recommend following your dose with something to cleanse the palate. For example, a handful of fresh berries, slices of cucumber, or wash it down with a morning smoothie to help get rid of the taste quickly.

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Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are referred to as essential fatty acids because the human body is unable to make them. This means it’s vital we get omega-3 from our diets. Fish generally, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but we don’t always have time to cook fish or perhaps don’t enjoy the taste.

There are two different types of omega-3s that you can get from fish – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These nutrients are essential for brain health and heart function. Omega-3 fatty acids are also vital for a healthy immune system and, according to various studies, have been found to prevent the formation of harmful blood clots.

Supports Bone Health

Scientists estimate that over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. According to research, Children, in particular who lack vitamin D are at risk of developing a condition called rickets which causes bone weakness as well as bowed legs.

Insufficient Vitamin D can also become a problem as we age because our bones start to lose mass after the age of 30. This particularly affects women after they hit menopause, which means a heightened risk of fractures.

Thankfully, cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamin D that can help to support bone health naturally and prevent age-related bone injuries. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, which means, it helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

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Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is basically part of the body’s defense mechanism. Acute inflammation is triggered when the immune system sends white blood cells to parts of the body that are struggling with harmful or foreign stimuli. It is usually short term and can be identified by redness, swelling, pain or even a fever.

Chronic inflammation, however, is usually long-term. Symptoms vary depending on the cause and the body’s ability to heal. Cod liver oil has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. This means it can help reduce chronic inflammation in the body. The omega-3 fatty acids essentially suppress the proteins that promote chronic inflammation.

As a further boost, vitamins A and D both have powerful antioxidant properties which can reduce inflammation. This means a daily supplement can potentially help to alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and eczema, which are linked to inflammation.

Supports Healthy Skin

While there are many homemade acne remedies as well as essential oils to help clear skin, cod liver oil is considered a hero product for healthy skin. In particular, it can help with hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring and repeated breakouts.

This is thanks to the Omega-3 fatty acids present in cod liver oil as they regulate cell turnover, encourage skin healing as well as reduce inflammation. Alongside reducing acne scarring, cod liver oil is said to improve various skin conditions, including rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

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May Improve Mood and Cognitive Function

Some studies suggest there may even be a link between chronic inflammation and anxiety and depression. This inspired further studies where it is believed that because the omega-3 fatty acids in cod liver oil can lower inflammation, this in turn can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In a large study of over 21,000 participants, those who regularly consumed cod liver oil reported having fewer depressive symptoms. This is believed to be due to the omega-3 fatty acids present in cod liver oil.

Further studies have also found that these omega-3 acids may play a role in improving cognitive function, which can help to support those who struggle with concentration or focus.

Boosts The Immune System

As mentioned, cod liver oil contains vitamin A and vitamin D, which are important for your immune system to function at its best. Vitamin A helps the body fight infections, while vitamin D helps regulate immune function.

Our bodies naturally make vitamin D when exposed to the sun’s rays. However, during the Winter months, this can be tough so a cod liver oil supplement can help. This means you can keep your vitamin D topped up even when natural sunlight is in short supply.

Supports Eye Health

Alongside helping the body fight infections, vitamin A is essential for eye health. As our daily life becomes more and more reliant on screens, eye health is particularly important. As well as taking cod liver oil, I also find wearing blue light blocking glasses helps to protect my eyes.

Vitamin A helps to prevent cellular damage, which can contribute to the development of glaucoma – the leading cause of blindness. This also means vitamin A helps to protect the eyes from deterioration, therefore preventing vision loss.  

Furthermore, the omega-3s in cod liver oil (DHA and EPA in particular) help to lower pressure and increase blood circulation in the eye. This also helps to slow down the progression of glaucoma. Overall, this makes cod liver oil a wonderful tool in supporting eye health.

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How to Take Cod Liver Oil

Now you are aware of the many benefits, you may be tempted to buy Rosita Cod Liver Oil and are wondering the best way to take it. It goes without saying, but before you begin taking any new supplement you should consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

Firstly it is important you keep it refrigerated, especially after opening. As the oil is fresh and raw without added preservatives, keeping it refrigerated will ensure maximum freshness. Before you pour it, some people find letting the bottle sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes helps with the strong taste. Gently shake the bottle before pouring onto a teaspoon.

As Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil is so pure and potent, it is recommend you start with a lower dosage. Begin with ½ teaspoon every other day, then gradually work towards 1 teaspoon daily. This will allow you to determine the cod liver oil benefits, or indeed if it doesn’t feel right for your body. 

It is also safe for children but they should take 1 to 4 drops daily with food. You can use a teaspoon or dropper to do this.

It is highly recommended to take Rosita cod liver oil (or any variety) alongside butter or a dose of extra virgin butter oil. This is because butter oil aids the absorption of the cod liver oil and so maximizes benefits.

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While I hope this guide has showcased that cod liver oil is a nutrient-rich supplement bursting with benefits, I also hope it’s evident that not any old cod liver oil will do. To truly experience the benefits such as boosting immune function, reducing inflammation and supporting bone health, it is essential that you do your research and opt for an extra virgin cod liver oil that is sourced and processed to maximize these benefits.

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