75+ Gluten Free Freezer Meals, Sides and Snacks

Thanks to this list of gluten free freezer meals, sides and snacks your entire family can enjoy nutritious, tasty food any day of the week. Not only will this list save you time and money but thanks to these healthy meals that freeze well, you will reduce your food waste too.

plastic boxes of food in freezer

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After a stressful day all you want is a relaxing soak in the tub but instead you have to use your last ounce of energy to whip up a delicious, nutritional meal for your entire family. It requires some serious brain and willpower. At times, it’s all too easy to order take out, but we know the guilt and expense isn’t worth it.

That’s why I created this extensive list of gluten free freezer meals that you can rely on. Pack your freezer with these gluten free make ahead meals to save you time and energy on those busy days. All of them are easy, straightforward and adored by even the fussiest of family members.

Using this list will mean you can cook in batches to make family meal planning a breeze as well as buy in bulk, saving you money and time. It’s also ideal if you’re starting your family on a gluten free diet, as then you have a bank of easy recipes to refer back to.

As a bonus, I’ve included not only healthy meals that freeze well, but snacks and sides too. That way, we’ve got all bases covered when those dreaded “I’m hungry” groans begin.

chicken broccoli and sweet potato in glass dish

9 Benefits of Gluten Free Freezer Meals

  • Convenience: Starting with the obvious but one of the biggest benefits of gluten free make ahead meals is convenience. You save time and effort by having your go-to meals already prepped in the freezer.
  • Save money: I find that by making healthy meals that freeze well, you will reduce food waste which in turn saves you money. Not only does it mean you’ll spend less on groceries but it means you can buy in bulk when ingredients are on sale and freeze until you need them.
  • Healthier eating: Having a batch of gluten free freezer meals can help you avoid processed and fast foods. The meals on this list are made using simple, whole food ingredients that the whole family will enjoy.
  • Portion control: For some people, a massive benefit of freezing meals is that the individual portions can help you manage portion sizes and avoid overeating.
  • Saves time: Although there is the initial time investment of cooking larger batches of food, by freezing these meals you will save time in the long run. Having a stock of good freezer meals avoids you having to cook from scratch every day of the week.
  • Customization: Another benefit of homemade family friendly freezer meals is that you can choose the exact ingredients and portion sizes that you prefer. It also means you can tailor your meals to specific dietary needs. While everything on this list is gluten free, there are also some recipes that are keto and dairy free too.
  • Reduced stress: Whether you’re a new parent in need of healthy meals that freeze well or simply want to reduce stress after a hard day’s work, having pre-made meals in the freezer makes meal times so much easier.
  • Flexibility: Although I love having a stock of gluten free freezer meals as it helps me plan ahead, they’re also great for the days you don’t plan for. Whether there are changes in your schedule, sickness, or unexpected guests, having a freezer full means you can adapt meal times with minimal effort.
  • Variety: We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and end up making the same things over and over but freezing meals can allow you to have a variety of different meals on hand. This is perfect for preventing boredom with your diet as well as keeping you motivated to eat healthily.
stack of frozen food in freezer bags

Materials Needed for Home Freezing

  • Freezer-safe containers: This can be any freezer-safe containers you have to hand, including plastic containers, glass jars, or freezer bags for soups and stews.
  • Plastic wrap: It is often recommended to wrap food in plastic wrap before placing it in a freezer-safe container or bag.
  • Freezer labels or sharpie: Use a permanent marker such as a Sharpie or freezer labels to label your gluten free freezer meals with the contents and date it was frozen.
  • Vacuum sealer: If you have a large family or plan on batch cooking often, it may be worth investing in a vacuum sealer. They are used to remove air from packaging, which helps to prevent freezer burn and extend the shelf life of your gluten free freezer meals.
  • Baking sheets: Some food items need to be frozen in a single layer before transferring them into a container or bag. It not only prevents them from sticking together, but it actually helps them to freeze faster.
  • Ice cube trays: Not just for making ice – ice cube trays can be used to freeze sauces, broths, and herbs in small portions.
hands chopping red pepper with freezer bag of red pepper

Tips for Freezing Food

Be sure to read my comprehensive guide on the best foods for freezing and foods to avoid freezing as well.

  • Cool food before freezing: Always let hot food cool down to room temperature before placing it in the freezer. This helps prevent ice crystals forming which can affect the texture of your food. It also reduces the risk of freezer burn.
  • Label and date everything: As mentioned, this can be done using freezer labels or markers. It’s important to label each container so it easy to identify the contents and helps you use older items first. You could even track them on a list and score them off as you use them to prevent any waste.
  • Use high-quality containers: Don’t be tempted to use any old Tupperware in the cupboard for these gluten free freezer meals. Although I prefer to store food without plastic, I recognize that when it comes to freezing, it is only possible to use certain freezer-safe containers and bags. They need to be able to withstand low temperatures and won’t crack once frozen. I actually prefer bags as it means I can lay them flat and stack them saving space.
  • Leave some room in containers: Some foods expand once frozen (especially liquids such as soup or milk), so leave some space when adding it to the container or bag.
  • Freeze in portions: These gluten free freezer meals are meant to be as convenient as possible. This means not waiting two days for them to defrost. To make thawing and reheating as quick and straightforward as possible, freeze your food in individual portions or family-sized portions.
  • Remove air from containers: As mentioned, a vacuum sealer is the best way to do this, but if using ordinary zip-loc bags or wrapping in plastic wrap, press firmly to remove as much air as possible before freezing. This can help prevent freezer burn and extend the shelf life of your food.
  • Check the timeframes: I know we all have so much to remember but check the recommended freezer times before adding your item to the freezer. Some items keep indefinitely, others for only a month. Either way, you don’t want to waste a drop. Make a note (even add a reminder in your phone) to use your frozen food within the recommended timeframes to ensure its safety and quality.
  • Not all foods can be frozen: Now you’re aware of the benefits, tips, and this extensive list of gluten free freezer meals, you might be ready for a food freezing frenzy. However, not all foods can be frozen. Check out my guide to the best foods for freezing, which also covers the ones you can’t freeze and will help to avoid you wasting your time, money, and food.

What is freezer burn and how to prevent it?

Put simply, freezer burn is when food in the freezer is exposed to air which leads to the formation of ice crystals and a loss of moisture. This results in a change in texture and taste. Freezer burn looks like dry, grey-brown patches on the surface of frozen food and will have a metallic or bitter taste. Freezer-burnt foods will look and taste unappealing but they are safe to eat.

To prevent freezer burn, keep food tightly wrapped in freezer-safe packaging, such as plastic wrap, freezer bags or airtight containers. Always make sure to remove as much air as possible before storing food in the freezer and don’t forget to label and date your items. Temperature fluctuations can also encourage freezer burn, so store food in the coldest part of the freezer away from the door. It is also vital to make sure your freezer is set to the recommended temperature of 0°F (-18°C) as this means bacteria and other harmful pathogens cannot grow so your food will be safe to eat. 

freezer drawer with freezer bags of peas and vegetables

75+ Gluten Free Freezer Meals, Sides and Snacks

Soups and Stews

Whether you’re looking for gluten free freezer meals for those cold Winter nights, or simply crave comfort food that’s healthy – soups and stews are the answer. Best of all, the majority of these recipes are made using the instant pot so there is no need to babysit a pan on the stove simply dump your ingredients and return when it’s done.

green bowl filled with tomato soup


Chili is one of my favorite family friendly freezer meals as it’s super easy to cook a big batch and everyone loves it. These recipes are easy yet flavorful and perfect for lunch or dinner.

Main Meals

These are my go to gluten free freezer meals, perfect for bust weeknight dinners. Again, the majority are made using my trusty instant pot but they can be easily adapted for stove top if you prefer. From tacos to turkey and gravy, these meals are nutritious and simple, with something for all tastes.

white bowl full of taco meat

Side Dishes

Having side dishes in the freezer is not just handy for pairing with the main meals above, they’re also ideal when you need something to go with leftovers, or for bringing along to picnics and BBQs.


Having freezer-friendly snacks is great for a family because it allows for easy access to nutritious and tasty snacks at any time. It also avoids that mid morning sugar slump, as instead of reaching for the store bought snacks, your freezer is full of healthy, homemade treats.

artichokes next to instant pot


Made using the items already in your pantry these staples will save you money and time. Items such as homemade broth are ideal for keeping in your freezer all year round. Should sickness strike, it’s a great natural remedy for cold and flu.  Versatile staples such as Italian seasoning, flour and pesto are ingredients I use regularly so having them on hand at all times saves several trips to the store.


Of all the gluten free freezer meals, dessert is always the family favorite. I like knowing my family can enjoy homemade, hearty desserts that aren’t packed with processed sugars any day of the week. They’re also great when those cookie cravings strike knowing you’ve got a secret stash in the freezer.

sliced chocolate chip banana bread


Arguably the most stressful yet most important meal of the day – breakfast. Between the rush of getting everyone ready and out the door on time, breakfast sometimes falls down the priority list. However, a healthy, balanced breakfast helps to replenish your supply of glucose. This means it will boost your energy levels and alertness which is essential for a busy day ahead. With these family friendly freezer meals on hand, you’ll never need to skip breakfast again.

Breads, Muffins and Baked Goods

Alongside gluten free freezer meals, I like to keep a supply of snacks such as muffins, breads and baked goods. These items ensure a slow release of energy so keep me full for longer without craving sugar. From bagels to banana bread, you can have an entire bakery in your freezer. What’s more, making these gluten free items at home is so much cheaper and healthier than buying them from the store.

stack of zucchini fritters on white plate with fork

How to Reheat Frozen Food

As well as having a library of healthy meals that freeze well, it’s important to learn how to reheat frozen food safely. For numerous reasons I got rid of my microwave, so when it comes to reheating food people are often puzzled.

Each item on this list will have its own reheating guidelines, but in general I have discovered 9 ways to reheat food without a microwave that work for me. I find the health benefits, convenience and counter top space these methods bring, all outweigh any advantages of using a microwave. So, before you begin whipping up a batch of these gluten free freezer meals, make sure you’re also clued up on defrosting and reheating times too.

bowl of frozen vegetables

Although it’s a little effort to begin with, I find prepping and storing gluten free freezer meals in advance not only saves time and effort but it ensures my family always have healthy meal options available. Not only that, it means a few less items on my to do list as I know dinner is taken care of. While it can take a little getting used to, you’ll soon realize that stocking up on gluten free freezer meals are one of the most simple yet effective ways to improve the health and wellbeing of your family.

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