5 Home Organization Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed with home organization? I’ve got the cheat sheet to help you simplify the decluttering proces, so you can organize your home without the stress. Change the way you organize and put an end to messy rooms with ease thanks to these 5 secrets of home organization that will change your life.

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Do you feel like you only have so many hours in the day and squeezing anything else like home organization and decluttering seem so hard? I know exactly how that feels. Finding the motivation to organize often feels more difficult than the tidying itself. But I’m here to help you.

From the Konmari method to Spring cleaning checklists, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there to help you keep a space organized. However, I’ve found over the years that setting five simple household rules can do all that hard work for you. These five simple home organization rules can really change your life and your space.

Before we start, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to organize your home. Some people like to use bins to organize, some people like to sort by color, others sort by size. When it comes to decluttering your home, experiment with what works best for you and your routine.

1. Organize a Little at a Time

The first step in home organization is to organize just a little bit at a time. While you’re waiting for water to boil, go ahead and toss out a few expired spices or redo the condiment drawer in your fridge.

This is also a perfect tip for decluttering your bathroom, as you wait for the bath to run get rid of duplicates or minimize counter clutter. A little every day will soon add up.

This concept of “baby steps” and a little at a time will also help any feeling of overwhelm. Even small wins give us a sense of accomplishment that encourages the organization to continue. Focus on small organizing projects each week to help you achieve your bigger organization goals.

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2. If You Haven’t Used Something in a Year, Let it Go

This one can be kind of tricky for some. The reality is that if you haven’t used something in over an entire year, you probably won’t. Instead of holding on to things you’ll never use, let them go. They’re taking up valuable space in your home and contributing to your mental and physical clutter.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by organizing a capsule wardrobe. It’s easy to identify the clothing you wear all the time and the outfits you haven’t worn in years. Once you make a start, you’ll soon whizz around your home. If you aren’t sure how long it’s been or when the last time you used it was, chances are it’s been too long and you don’t need it.

3. Write Things Down

Writing things down might sound obvious, but in reality, it’s freeing up your brain space to be able to do and handle more things.  It’s a great way to declutter your mind when you feel overwhelmed.

Writing things down will not only help you remember tasks better but help you keep your to-do list under control too. As you tick tasks off and celebrate the small wins, this will encourage you to continue to tackle the remainder. It’s a win, win.

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4. Embrace Your Natural Instincts

If you naturally set your mail down on the kitchen counter, don’t fight your natural instinct to do it. Instead, set up a system in your kitchen for your mail. If you take your coat and shoes off at the front door, add storage here. Always reading before bed? Leave book space in your bedside table to stop the novels piling up. These organization tips should help make daily life easier, not add a hindrance to your day. Setting good organizational habits starts by identifying and rolling with your natural instincts and routine.

5. Give Everything a Home and Keep it There

If you are always fighting the battle of clutter in your home, it’s probably because you have homeless items. Every item in your home should have a place to return to when you’re done with it. As a tip, this is a great rule to teach kids too – when finished with something, put it back where it belongs.

For example, spices belong in a specific cabinet or on a spice rack. Toys will go in a toy bin. Cosmetics kept in the drawer, not cluttering counter space. While it’s essential for each item to have a home, it’s important to return them to their home when you’re done with them too. This little trick will keep your home tidy all the time.

Keeping your home organized shouldn’t be an uphill battle all the time. While it may be difficult in the beginning to get motivated these five rules are the perfect place to start. They will not only keep your home tidy but help you make real progress on organizing your home even if you don’t have a lot of time or space spare.

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