10 Biomat Benefits + Detailed Biomat Review

For those suffering from joint pain, muscle aches, restless sleep, or stress a Biomat can offer the perfect natural remedy. Learn how a Biomat benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing including increased energy and blood circulation, reduced stress, and a more restful night’s sleep.

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It’s no secret for thousands of years heat has been used to melt away the stresses and aches of daily life. Not to mention the use of heat by health practitioners such as physios and masseurs to treat problems such as sprains, joint and back pain. Similar to red light therapy, Biomats offer a non-invasive and painless treatment through the use of heat to provide a warm, gentle massage that leaves users relaxed and rejuvenated.

What is a Biomat?

A Biomat is a soft, padded mat that can be placed on your bed or even the floor. As an approved medical device by the FDA, it combines Far Infrared Rays (FIR) as well as negative ions and crystals such as amethyst, tourmaline, and jade to produce penetrating energy that is both healing and invigorating.

How Does a Biomat Work?

As mentioned, there are 3 elements that help the Biomat melt away stresses and pain – Amethyst, Far Infrared Rays & negative ions. This powerful combination alongside friction from the body generates heat.

Biomats gently increase your body’s temperature (depending on the settings used) from around 107.6 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) to 158 Fahrenheit (70 Celsius). While topical heat remedies such as hot water bottles or heating pads only target one area, the unique design of a Biomat allows the energy to penetrate deep into inflamed skin tissue, muscles, and bones.

close up view of biomat

What are Far Infrared Rays?

Discovered by NASA, Far Infrared Rays are the safest light wave that offers a huge variety of benefits. They are similar to natural sunlight, however do not contain harmful UVA/UVB radiation. In the same way we feel rejuvenated and relaxed by a day in the sunshine, FIR provide a warming energy that benefits muscles, circulation, and joints.

What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are often nicknamed nature’s energizer, and this is because they can be found in our favorite natural environments such as the ocean, waterfalls, and forests. That instant boost you feel when surrounded by nature is caused by negative ions and now thanks to the Biomat they can be found in your home too.

The amethyst crystals in the Biomat are known as nature’s superconductors as they help transport the negative ions and Far Infrared Rays deep into the body. Once negative ions reach the bloodstream, they increase serotonin which heightens the healing process as well as boosts your mental and physical wellbeing.

Who Can Use a Biomat?

While the Biomat is ideal for those with a physically demanding job such as construction workers or athletes, it can actually be used safely by your whole family. This includes young children, grandparents and even pets. The Biomat benefits are valuable to those of all ages as well as known to ease tense ligaments and arthritic pain in pets too.

10 Biomat Benefits You Need to Know

Due to the unique design and natural components, there are many Biomat benefits. After reading the 10 benefits below you’ll realize why you need a Biomat to become part of your daily routine.

1. Pain Relief from Minor Muscle Pain

As mentioned, the Biomat creates Far Infrared Rays that increase your body temperature. As you get warmer, this dilates blood vessels which aid blood circulation and so enhance muscle recovery. When muscles are deprived of oxygen they feel achy and painful so instead of reaching for pain killers enjoy a relaxing lie down on your Biomat to reap the pain-relieving benefits.

2. Reduces Stress & Fatigue

It’s hard to feel stressed when surrounded by nature and this is thanks to the negative ions at work. The same process is true for the Biomat. Thanks to the flood of negative ions to the body, stress, and fatigue are reduced leaving your body and mind revitalized ready to take on the day.

3. Rejuvenated Skin

On that note, one of the main causes of aging skin is stress which means the relaxing benefits of the Biomat will boost the youthful appearance of your skin too. The combination of FIR and negative ions also help to eliminate impurities from the skin. This is thanks to increased circulation which boosts exfoliation leaving skin feeling refreshed with a healthy, natural glow.

biomat professional on a bed
Example of the Biomat Professional (about the size of a single) on a bed.

4. Alleviate Allergies

Negative ions also provide another useful purpose that can help alleviate allergies, sinus issues, and migraines. They help to remove allergy particles such as dust, pollen, and pet hair from the air. This can make allergy sufferers feel miles better without the need for medication.

5. Relaxation of Muscles

The Biomat is known for giving users a “molecular level massage” this means the infrared rays can access deep cells and tissue instead of only treating muscle issues on the surface. The stimulating waves of infrared help to warm and relax deep tissue which in turn relieves discomfort. While other heat methods do this superficially, the Biomat ensures long-lasting relaxation even after a quick 20-minute use.

6. Balances The Body’s PH

Alongside the many other Biomat benefits, the presence of negative ions will help balance the Body’s PH by decreasing acidity. This is because negative ion therapy accelerates natural healing and cleansing processes in the body. This then activates the body’s entire cell communication system which sounds complicated, but basically means your body then works more efficiently.

7. Naturally Detoxes

As mentioned, the Biomat contains amethyst quartz, but did you amethyst is a powerful detoxifier? Amethyst helps to deliver the infrared light waves which increase blood circulation. Once blood circulation is increased, your lymph system will remove the build-up of waste and toxins such as alcohol, sodium, cholesterol and nicotine among others.

8. Improves Sleep Patterns

One of the main causes of a poor night’s sleep is stress, which we already know the Biomat can help reduce. Thanks to the soothing, warm environment the Biomat helps to create, you will quickly notice an improvement in sleeping patterns. Better sleep aids itself to a better diet as you won’t crave that 4 pm sugar rush to keep you awake nor snack away your stress.

9. Increases Blood Circulation

Did you know the Biomat can produce a similar level of heat as a sauna? This is not only ideal for detoxifying the body but works wonders for blood circulation. This is because the heat from the Biomat can reach up to six inches into your body’s core. This not only leaves you feeling warm and relaxed long after your Biomat session but boosts your lymphatic system which helps protect us from infection and disease.

10. Boosts Energy and Vitality

Although negative ions are invisible and odorless, they produce a biochemical reaction in the brain which increases your serotonin level. This means one of the many Biomat benefits is the boost of happy hormones which can increase energy levels and vitality.

woman sat crossed leg on biomat on bed

Why Choose a Biomat?

Firstly, it is backed by science. The Biomat has been approved by the FDA and is classified as a Class 2 Medical device suitable for the treatment of muscle spasms, joint pain, and stiffness.

This means thanks to the Biomat benefits mentioned above, they are an effective substitute for painkilling drugs such as aspirin. The heat from the Biomat helps to increase circulation, release tension and soothe aching muscles – all without heading to the pharmacy.

Best of all, the Biomat can be used every day, from a 20-minute nap to a full night’s sleep with many users reporting feeling improvements in sleep and stress reduction immediately. This means there is no need to book expensive treatments with a physio or chiropractor, but instead the Biomat benefits can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and by the entire family.

Which Biomat to Choose?

There are different Biomat sizes available, and it really comes down to your needs and budget.

  • Biomat Mini Mat – this is a great starter size at 19″ x 33″ x 1″. It can easily be used on a chair, massage table or bed. It’s about 8 lb so it’s easier to move around than the larger sizes.
  • Biomat Professional – this is the size of a massage table at 28″ x 74″ x 1″. It’s best to be used in a more stationary spot as it weights about 28 lb.
  • Biomat Single – this is the size of a single bed at 35″ x 78″ x 1″. It’s pretty close to the professional size and weighs 34 lb.
  • Biomat Queen – this fits the size of a queen bed at 55″ x 78″ x 1″. It’s 54 lb so once it’s on the bed, you’re likely not moving it much.
  • Biomat King – this is the biggest size available at 73″ x 78″ x 1″. It weighs 75 lb.
  • Bio-Belt – this is the most portable version of the biomat in a belt version. It’s just 8″ x 18″ x 1″ and can easily be used for travel or working.

I personally have the Biomat Professional and LOVE it. I use it every night and sleep with it on. I have chronic lower back pain, and the Biomat really helps to provide pain relief. Due to the amethyst crystals in the mat, it is really firm so you can add a mattress pad on top of it for a little more cushion. I’m working on getting the Bio-Belt next so I can travel with it and use it while working. I love that it’s so portable.

Where to Shop for the Biomat

I recommend buying the Biomat at the Bio-Mats store. You’ll get a 3-year lifetime guarantee, plus you can return or exchange it if you’re not satisfied.

You can also shop for it on Amazon. Here’s the Biomat Mini Mat and Biomat Professional.

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