Superwoman Slimdown: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse

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Superwoman Slimdown: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women

Superwoman Slimdown: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women -

Are you a busy mom? Do you juggle work and family life? Are you often so busy taking care of others that you don’t have time to take care of yourself?

Do you have the following symptoms:

  • Feel tired or have low energy
  • Have indigestion or bloating
  • Have skin problems or breakouts
  • Feel moody
  • Have sleep problems
  • In a brain fog or have trouble concentrating
  • Battle food cravings
  • Have trouble losing weight no matter what you do

You’re not alone. So many women are going through the same thing. I’ve been guilty of it too.

But there is something you can do about it. Take charge of your health and make yourself a priority with the Superwoman Slim Down: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women – a real food detox and cleanse for women.

The Superwoman Slim Down: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women is not a crash diet or super restrictive. It’s a cleanse and detox with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

The Superwoman Slimdown: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women

Superwoman Slimdown: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women -

Kristen Boucher of MIX Wellness created the Superwoman Slim Down: A Real Food Detox & Cleanse for Women. She’s a registered nurse, certified health and wellness coach, and a certified specialist in fitness nutrition. In this 21-day program, she provides full, step-by-step support. Keep reading to find out what’s including in the program – it’s so comprehensive. She’s taken all the guesswork out of it. 

And best of all, you will eat on this program. You’ll eat lot of healthy, whole foods. You won’t be hungry. You’ll feel energized. You’ll sleep better. You’ll kickstart your metabolism. You’ll get relief from breakouts, indigestion and bloating. You’ll feel amazing.

What’s Included

  • Three recorded training calls with Kristen to listen to at your convenience delivered over three weeks so that you are updated each week with what to do next ($350 value)
  • Sample Menu Plans complete with 3 meals per day & list of snacks that you can eat to keep the hunger at bay ($200 value)
  • Preparation Checklist with a list of suggested items to have in your fridge, pantry, and home to follow the plan ($25 value)
  • Recipes For Radiance Cookbook which includes over 75 delicious, whole food recipes outlined in the Menu Plan ($100 value)
  • Detailed Detox Guidebook with all the info and resources you’ll need and then some ($250 value)
  • Workbook and personal assessment guide that will serve to show you how far you’ve come once you complete the program and help you to play detective to learn if you have any food allergies or sensitivities ($100 value)
  • Cooking and Food Preparation Tips and Tools Guide ($25 value)
  • Toxin Reduction Tips and Tools Guide ($25 value)
  • Meal Planning and Shopping List Fun Sheets ($25 value)
  • 4-Week Detox Calendar laying out every step of the program, what to, and when to do it ($25 value)
  • Email support during the cleanse ($100 value)
  • Lifetime access to all materials, including updates for future programs ($100 value)

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