Star Wars Kids Party Ideas

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My 7 year old son loves Darth Vader. LOVES. He even dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween.

So I wasn’t surprised when he pleaded for a Star Wars themed party for his 7th birthday. Here’s what we did to carry the theme throughout the party.

Choose a Side
We asked everyone to choose a side for the party – the dark side or the light side of the force. All green colored food items (like cupcakes and pretzels) were the light side of the force, and all red colored food items were the dark side of the force. I even got all-natural apple juice in red and green boxes. Both the kids and their parents seemed to enjoy choosing sides. My family uniformly chose the dark side – hmmm, what does that mean about us?

We gave out favor bags with inflatable light sabers and cupcake rings.

I scoured other blogs and found great ideas. Basically, I just got food that was green or red (to go with the “choose a side” theme) or put Star Wars labels for the main dish and snacks. You can find organic or all-natural food dye and colored sprinkles in stores like Whole Foods or even Amazon (which is where we got ours).

Here’s what we featured:

  • Pizza the Hut – just Costco pizza with pepperoni serving as the dark (red) side and the combination serving as the light (green) side
  • Light Sabers – pretzels dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles
  • Vader Veggies and Droid Dip – fresh-cut veggie tray with onion dip
  • Light and Dark Side juice boxes
  • Vader and Storm Trooper cupcakes
  • Luke Skywalker Salsa and Chips
  • May the Force Be With You Pasta Salad

Light sabers and cupcake rings for our Star Wars cupcakes

Light saber pretzels (white chocolate dipped prezels with sprinkles)


We had cute signs for each food tray


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  1. Love the theme and the fact you let people choose Dark Side and Light Side snacks – creative!

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