Mom’s Solo Weekend with the Kids – A Survivor’s Story

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Mom's Solo Weekend with Kids

I recently did something I had never done before. No, I didn’t skydive, get a tattoo or even go on a wild spending spree at Bloomies (I wish!). I spent the entire weekend with my kidlets, ALONE. No husband, no extended family, no mommy friends, no playdates… NOBODY but me and the kids.

I know, you may not believe that after five years of family life I’ve never had two solid days alone with my son and my daughter, but it’s true.

Now, my job has sent me out of town plenty of times and The Hubs has gotten pretty good at handling the kidlets on his own. Over time he’s developed his own routine to cover the parental shortage. Sometimes he invites his brother over or he takes the kidlets over to my parent’s house to give himself a little break.  Occasionally, he’s even had the benefit of a playdate or special event to kill an afternoon.

The weekend I had the kids alone, I was totally routine-less.

The Hubs was going back home to Colorado with two of his brothers to spend a long weekend with their mom.   Now, who could deny that – a man who wanted to spend time with his mom! However, after I kissed my husband goodbye and closed the front door as he left for the airport, the realization of being alone with two kids started to set in.

I kept asking myself, “what am I going to do to fill the entire weekend?” Forty-eight hours is a LONG time to entertain two kiddies when you are flying solo. I immediately scrambled and tried to set up a playdate, with anybody, but they all fell through. And surprisingly, there were no birthday parties on the agenda – for once, I need the solace of a semi-supervised bouncy castles and bad pizza. We’d just hit the library last weekend, so that was out. Both my parents were sick so taking the kid to see Nana & Pop Pop wasn’t going to be an option either.

I knew we needed to get out of the house to keep the kids from getting bored and me from going nuts. So out we went. We visited a local children’s museum, made some crafts at a pottery store, checked out a new indoor play area, ate some fun meals at the local pizza and burger joints, plus we indulged in cupcake and ice cream “treats.”

All in all, I’d say it was pretty fun for the kids and pretty tiring for mom. There were moments where my kids really tested me and my patience. Not being a supermom with nerves of steel, I’ll admit that I lost it once or twice, but fortunately I was able to pull it back together quickly.

The result?

We had more smiles, laughs and good times than I could even count. Success! But I am not anxious to repeat it again anytime soon. The Hubs arrived home safely to a barrage of “welcome home” signs and kisses, and I was never so glad that our little nuclear family was complete again.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids on the weekend?  What’s your go-to activity when you need to occupy your kids?

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