Hawaii Trip Week 1: Starting Off on Oahu

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My son reading the crash landing instructions on the plane. He kept teasing - "Ah we're going to crash into the ocean!" Hope there weren't any fearful flyers on the plane.

So our two-month adventure has begun. We’re two days into our Hawaiian sabbatical and we’ve already experienced a hiccup in our trip. Our car was towed after parking it in front of my sister’s building for a bit too long. So we’re out $200, which is a big dent in our budget. But what I love about the situation is that while both my husband and I were seriously irritated at the situation – we never got angry or blamed each other. We just chalked it up to a mistake, and once we paid the tow fee we both agreed to let go and not dwell on our initial bad luck.

It’s moments like these that make me so happy that I have a fantastic travel partner. It also gave our kids an opportunity to see how mom and dad deal with stress.

Baby boy was the perfect traveler.

Otherwise, our flight to Hawaii went pretty smoothly. The baby was perfect – he barely made a peep. My oldest son kept himself busy by reading the crash landing manual. It was actually my 4-year-old son who got squirmy in the middle of the trip. My husband pretty much just kept him busy with video games and snacks. We do whatever we need to survive a plane trip.

Once we landed, we checked into our hotel in Waikiki. Now I pretty much grew up in Waikiki (surfing at Canoe’s during all of high school and attending various dances and proms at local hotels), but returning after more than 10 years away has made me realize that I’m way too old and impatient for it. I used to love the crowds and all the sights. Now the busy streets seem too dangerous to walk with 3 kids in tow. And the parking, OH THE PARKING! It’s ridiculous. And it just seems more touristy than I remember. But I could just be getting old and cranky.

The one plus is the proximity to the beach and beautiful Kapiolani Park, where my sons climbed banyan trees and ran around chasing pigeons. The only thing this park needs is a playground.

My oldest son climbing a banyan tree.

Luckily, we move to a new vacation rental tomorrow that’s a house, not a condo. We’ll have ample parking, more space, and a pool that we share with just 2 other units, not a whole building.

We did manage to drive to Kailua beach today to pick up a couple of surfboards to use on our trip. I’ve forgotten how beautiful and laid back it was in Kailua. I highly recommend staying out there to anyone traveling to Oahu. I may change our plans to stay out there for our last week in Hawaii.

And as far as adjusting to Hawaiian time, we’re doing great now. The boys woke up at 4:30 am the first morning – thank goodness my husband woke up with them. I would have been a walking zombie. But after a long nap, they seem to be back on track.

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  1. So glad the plane ride went well with the kids. What a way to start of the New Year…in Hawaii!

  2. Lucky you!! Wow!
    The $200 ticket stinks though…I KNOW!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi! I am a new follower from the Take Three Tuesday blog hop. Since you enjoy blog hops, you should check out the blog hops at my site: Link Rink. We lived on Oahu from 1990-94!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

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