Go Green for Easter with Eco-Friendly Toys & Treats

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My boys absolutely love Easter – well, the hunt anyway. I think it’s their natural inclination for hunting and gathering. They love to run all over the backyard to find Easter eggs, and compare who got the most eggs.

The only problem is that Easter baskets tend to be filled with plastic, low-quality toys and candy with enough food dye and preservatives to make kids go bonkers. I’ve been guilty of going the easy route before with pre-filled Easter baskets from the store. But as my kids get older, I’ve been using more reusable Easter products and here’s how you can too.

Reuse that Easter Basket
My oldest son has a plastic (yes, I know it’s plastic) bucket that we decorated with a foam Easter bunny face. He’s been using it for the last 5 years. Our youngest son has a felt Easter basket he’s been reusing for years too. They’ve used those baskets other times out of the year too to transport Legos, Matchbox cars – and even for Halloween trick or treating… not the the one with the bunny ears, rather my youngest son’s robot basket.

Buy a reusable Easter bucket from Etsy

Swap Out Fake Grass for Natural Alternatives
Fill your Easter baskets with shredded paper, newspaper or fabric scraps.

Comic strip Easter basket filler from Crafting a Green World

Rag garland Easter filler from Etsy

Use Natural Dyes
I admit I’ve used Paas egg coloring kits in the past. But now I know about natural dyes. You can make them at home with ingredients like turmeric for yellow or beet powder for red, or you can buy a kit with natural dyes.

DIY egg coloring dye from Kitchen Stewardship

Egg coloring kit from Natural Candy Store

Give Crayons as Easter Treats
It’s so easy to recycle all those leftover bits of crayons in bunny molds (buy the mold from Target or other store) and make your own Easter crayons. Kids love doing this craft too.

DIY Easter crayons from Don’t Mess with Mama

Soy Crayons from Etsy

Fill Easter Baskets with Plastic-Free Toys
There are so many eco-friendly options for Easter basket toys. Wooden toys, felt Easter bunnies and other figures, puzzles and more.

Wooden Easter bunny toy from Etsy

Cool wooden bunny puzzle from Etsy

Felt Easter eggs (great for that Easter egg hunt) from Etsy

 Felt carrot rattle for baby from Etsy

And what could be better than this?

Custom Easter bunny doll from Etsy

Make a Healthy, Fun Easter Snack Instead of Giving Out Candy
Easter baskets these days are filled to the brim with candy. The sugar alone sends my kids into orbit, but it’s all the processed chemicals and artificial dyes that drive me nuts. Instead of giving out candy with food dyes, consider all-natural milk chocolate bars.

Or better yet, put fruit like Clementine oranges, baby apples or dried fruit in your kids’ Easter baskets. My 4 year old would love it – he eats so much fruit. You could also do mixed nuts or popcorn.

Check out more green ideas for Easter on my Pinterest board.

How do you plan to go greener for Easter this year? Share your ideas.

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  1. Great ideas! and lovely stuff from Etsy :) It’s true, it’s not that hard to find fun and natural toys for the Easter Basket online.
    Totally second substituting the artificial candy with something better – and less is sometimes more …

  2. Great post! I am vegetarian and love animals and our ‘one earth’ which means that I absolutely have to natural and cruelty free products. Just wanted to note a couple things: Easter Peeps as you know are filled with sugar but I’m sure many will eat them and give them to their kids…but they also contain gelatin – this is an uggly and disgusting hidden animal derived ingredient. If you care about animals one should definitely avoid it. A great site to know around Easter time is The Make Mine Chocolate Campaign which is a voice for rabbits and chicks who are abandoned after Easter each year – MMC encourages parents to give a chocolate bunny or stuffed bunny instead.

  3. I apologize, forgot to note the link: http://makeminechocolate.org

  4. Charlie uses a wooden basket from Longaberger. We’ve used it for 6 years now and plan on continuing to use it until it falls apart.

    The Easter Bunny never bring candy. Charlie gets enough candy at other egg hunts. The bunny brings books and toys. He also brings a new swimsuit, beach towel, and water shoes/sandals.

    • Yes, I agree. Keep reusing stuff as much as possible and avoid candy. We had a little bit this year, but we’ve already gotten rid of the leftover candy. Easter is getting worse than Halloween with the sweets lately.


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