Forget the Stroller When Traveling, Bring This Instead

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I love my stroller. It handles like a dream around corners and carries a ton in the bottom basket. Yet, I didn’t bring it on my trip to Hawaii. Why? It’s big and bulky. It’s a huge jogging stroller that’s manageable in and out of the car at home, but a pain to travel with. It doesn’t fold down completely flat and weighs a ton.

Plus, my toddler doesn’t really like it. Obviously, he didn’t read all the glowing Amazon reviews on it.

Oh well, right? Bring a baby carrier instead? Hell no. My son weights nearly 28 lbs now. Carrying him in a baby carrier will just kill my back.

So instead of bringing a jogging stroller – or any stroller at all – I decided to bring this cute car buggy (you can get the Step2 Push Buggy on Amazon).

Forget the Stroller When Traveling, Bring This Instead - Don't Mess with

We’ve had ours for about a year. It was a hand-me-down from a neighbor. It has practically no storage space and sleeping in it is next to impossible (unlike a comfortable stroller), but my little guy loves to ride it and it’s so lightweight. It weighs just a fraction of my jogging stroller – and though it doesn’t fold up – the handle can be detached and the whole thing actually fits better in the back of a trunk filled with luggage and kids toys than my jogging stroller.

And… it’s all legit. I called Hawaiian Airlines and they told me it was ok to bring to the airport and even use it to walk all the way to our gate.

At security we just detached the handle and the pin that keeps it in, and it was put through the conveyor belt along with our carry-on bags. We drove it all the way up to gate, added a luggage tag, and left it at the gate.

It was there to pick up when we landed, and my little guy was back in it and ready to go.

Have you ever traveled with a ride-on toy or buggy like this? Tell me about your experience.

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  1. Anne Perry says:

    Thanks… great info. We do not use a stroller but we have one of these.

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