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Flavored Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples

Kid-Made Recipe: Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples

My oldest son was so encouraged about learning how to slice lemons that he came up with his first recipe. I’m so proud. It’s a recipe for flavored water with fresh fruit and vegetables (like our version of the spa water you find at hotels). My kids love flavored water. And to my surprise, not all kids do. My boys offered their flavored water to a couple of friends who turned their noses up at having vegetables in their water. My boys shrugged it off and had third helpings.

So here’s Mr. Lego Man’s flavored water recipe. He even wrote it out – I’m just transcribing it for him.

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Flavored Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples

Flavored Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples


  • One gallon of water (we used a quart)
  • One lemon
  • One apple
  • One cucumber


  1. First, cut the lemon. Put it in the water.
  2. Then, cut the apple. Put it in the water.
  3. Then, cut the cucumber. Put it in the water.
  4. Wait two minutes. Then enjoy!

Check out my post Tips on Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen for ways to encourage budding chefs.

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