Favorite Things in June 2013

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My Favorite Things in July 2013 - Don't Mess with Mama.com

This month marked a few special milestones for us. First, my middle son graduated from kindergarten. I know, I know – it’s kindergarten. While I’m proud of his efforts and moving on to first grade, really the milestone for me is the fact that he’s growing up and moving on. He’s not my baby anymore and I need to let go. It’s a sobering reality that’s bittersweet for me.

Second, I’ve realized that my infant is no longer a baby too. He’s well on his way to becoming a toddler – complete with the terrible twos. The tantrums have already started, but luckily they don’t last long. Most of the time my little guy is adorably sweet and spunky. His new favorite thing is to walk around the house and write things on his notepad. He looks like budding reporter to me.

My Favorite Things in July 2013 - Don't Mess with Mama.com

Third, it’s my second summer with the kids where I’m not working in a full-time job. I love being able to spend more time with them. This week the kids were in a skateboarding camp for just a couple of hours a day. Then, we spent the rest of our days at home playing and chasing butterflies.

My Favorite Things in July 2013 - Don't Mess with Mama.com

And I’m happy to announce that my family is fortunate enough to go on another extended trip to Hawaii this year. I’m making our final plans now but it looks like it’s back to Oahu and possibly the Big Island. I’ll be sharing our experiences traveling and visiting various sites in the islands.

I also have a few favorite things to share with you from the web. These are some of my favorite green and real food bloggers.

  1. 15 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat More Fermented Foods from The Savory Lotus. Did you know that fermented foods like kim chee are good for you? Really, they are – especially for your gut. (Here’s where you can buy kefir grains and starter cultures online).
  2. The Top 4 Benefits of Bone Broth by Whole Green Love. Like fermented foods, bone broth is great for your gut and your skin. I’ll be sharing a bone broth recipe in the next few weeks.
  3. I’m often asked about the gluten allergies in our family. While I’m not personally “allergic” to gluten, I have been eliminating it from my diet. Food That Grows has excellent information on Why You Should Go Gluten Free too.
  4. The summer is the perfect time to enjoy this refreshing treat. My mom used to make Fresh Watermelon Juice like this one at Freshly Grown all the time. It’s so good for you.
  5. We are on a mission to eliminate processed foods from our kitchen. I love this post by Jules’ Fuel on The Real “Fast Food”: 12 Ways to Fit Real Food Into a Fast Lifestyle.

What are your favorite things in June? I’d love to hear from you.

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