Favorite Kid Books

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There’s so many books that my kids love and many are well-known favorites like the Sandra Boynton books, Dr. Seuss, and old classic Berenstein Bears.

In The Night Kitchen Kids BookI discovered a cool bookstore in LA called Every Picture Tells a Story. The first night I walked by this Santa Monica book shop I was at first tempted by the free sushi and wine they were offering. Apparently, there was a famous artist who was signing original prints of his work. I can’t recall who it was, but I do remember seeing original illustrations for book art – which has always intrigued me.

The store workers were so helpful and knew everything about every book they carried. It wasn’t like a random person at Border’s. You could tell these people were invested in their books and were avid childrens books readers.

The first book they recommended was called, In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak – who also wrote Where the Wild Things Are. I got the book, well, because it had illustrations of a boy running around naked in the kitchen in the middle of the night and I knew my boys would love it.

Two years later, it’s still their favorite book to read. We read it at least 3 times a week and it never gets old. It’s just the cutest story of a boy who is transformed into a night kitchen with 3 bakers who think he’s the milk for their cake. It’s hilarious – and again my kids think it’s funny to run around in the buff.

Other favorites around here include:

What are your kid’s favorites?

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