DIY Natural Carpet Freshener

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DIY Natural Carpet Freshener #DIY #home -

If you have kids or pets and a home with carpet, chances are you need a carpet freshener. Dirt and odors from shoes, pets and little hands can build up on carpets. But don’t reach for a store-bought carpet freshener, make your own DIY Natural Carpet Freshener with just two simple ingredients.

This easy solution will deodorize carpets – making it smell clean and fresh – and it’s WAY cheaper than buying a pre-mixed carpet freshener from the store. Plus, there are no toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances – win-win! 

Why It Works

Baking soda is a mean, green cleaning machine. It can be used for everything from laundry detergent to homemade toothpaste to kitchen scrubs (check out my homemade soft scrub recipe). But it’s especially effective against odors. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer (you can even make your own deodorant out of it) that traps odors. But sometimes baking soda alone is not enough to get rid of all odors.

Lemon essential oil is the PERFECT addition to baking soda. It helps to neutralize odors and adds a wonderful, lemon scent that smells clean and fresh. In addition, Lemon essential oil is an effective bug repellant and can sanitize germs and bacteria lingering in carpets. Read more about the everyday uses of lemon essential oil.

In addition to (or instead of) Lemon essential oil, Purification is an excellent blend from Young Living. Made with citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca (tea tree oil, lavandin and myrtle, Purification essential oil helps to neutralize odors (especially smoke and pet odors), clean impurities and repel bugs.

DIY Natural Carpet Freshener



  1. In a large mixing bowl, add essential oils and entire box of baking soda. Mix well.
  2. Generously sprinkle baking soda mixture on carpets. Leave on carpets for one hour to allow mixture to absorb odors and sanitize carpets.
  3. Use a vacuum to clean up baking soda mixture. Your carpets should smell like lemon and citronella.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

I recommend the Everyday Oils kit – which contains 10 of the most popular Young Living essential oils, including Lemon and Purification. You can get the Everyday Oils in the premium starter kit, along with a diffuser, at wholesale pricing – 24% off retail prices. Learn more about how to buy Young Living essential oils HERE.

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DIY Natural Carpet Freshener #DIY #home -

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