DIY Carseat Speakers for Kids – Great for Travel

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DIY Carseat Speakers for Kids - Don't Mess with

During our most recent flight with all three kids, I had an epiphany. The last few trips I had taken with my toddler had included a few tears and frustration (by both kid and mom) over in-flight and in-car entertainment. Specifically, my toddler wanted to watch a DVD on our portable player but he hated wearing earphones. I tried earbuds, over-the-ear large earphones, etc. and nothing worked. He’d wear them for a minute and then toss them on the floor but got mad when he couldn’t hear the DVD.

So I came up with a really simple way of keeping both of us happy. Luckily, my husband had another set of earphones – like this set of earclip headphones from Amazon.. We got this set the last time we flew to Hawaii and at the time I thought these earphones weren’t as effective as our other ones. I’m so glad my husband kept them.

Carseat Speaker Hack and Traveling with Toddlers - Don't Mess with

These earclip headphones were perfect. The hooks at the end were easy to affix to the slits in the carseat shoulder strap area. So that’s it. I just attached the earphones on either side of the shoulder strap slits and turned up the volume. My toddler loved it and he was able to watch about 30 minutes of his kids show on a portable DVD player without getting frustrated with the earphones.

DIY Carseat Speakers - Don't Mess with

And here’s my new happy traveler. There are some carseats that already speakers installed, but in case you have an older model like mine without the speakers you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. You may already have these earclip headphones or you can buy a set from Amazon for less than $20.

DIY Carseat Speakers - Don't Mess with

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  1. Chrissy Jee @ The Dumpling Mama says:

    Tracey! This is genius! I have the same problem and just gave up on a solution. Thank you!

  2. Wow–what a smart idea!

  3. now that is an excellent idea! I’m sure a lot of moms would benefit from it!

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