Homemade Bubble Bath

Homemade Bubble Bath #DIY #natural #tutorial - DontMesswithMama.com

Did you know most store-bought bubble bath products are loaded with toxic chemicals? Here’s a DIY Homemade Bubble Bath recipe – it’s just 4 ingredients.

Backpack Essentials: Top Essential Oils for Back to School

Back to School with Essential Oils - Natural Kids Health - #essentialoils - DontMesswithMama.com

Do your kids have first-day-of-school jitters? Or does your child need a little clarity for homework? Check out these top essential oils for back to school.

DIY Natural Outdoor Spray

DIY Natural Outdoor Spray #DIY #natural - DontMesswithMama.com

Keep bugs at bay naturally with this DIY Natural Bug Spray recipe. It’s simple to make and contains just a few ingredients you already have your in pantry.

50+ Uses for Coconut Oil

50+ Uses for Coconut Oil - how to use coconut oil for home, beauty, health and more - #coconutoil #health - DontMesswithMama.com

Coconut oil is just plain amazing. I have a jar of coconut oil in my kitchen and bathroom – simply because it has so many practical uses around my home. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate coconut oil into my everyday life (and here’s one of my favorite brands of coconut oil). […]

Black Friday Sale! Save Up to 80% Off Classes, Cookbooks and Much More!

Black Friday Sale! Save Up to 80% Off Classes, Cookbooks and Much More! - DontMesswithMama.com

Give the gift of health and wellness this holiday season and save up to 80%. Get popular cookbooks (real food, gluten free, Paleo), meal plans, classes, natural beauty books & more in this Black Friday Sale!

DIY Natural Diaper Balm Recipe with Lavender Oil

DIY Natural Diaper Balm Recipe with Lavender Oil - cheaper than store-bought diaper cream - #DIY #essentialoils - DontMesswithMama.com

Store-bought diaper creams are often made with petroleum-based products, harsh chemicals and other questionable ingredients. Make your own DIY Natural Diaper Balm with lavender essential oil. It’s cheaper and better for baby.

Artificial Food Dyes and Kids: Why Children Consume More Dyes Than You Think

How Much Artificial Dye is Really in Your Child's Food? It's Much Worse Than You Think #health #fooddye #kidshealth - DontMesswithMama.com

No doubt there’s a connection between food dyes and kids, including ADHD and hyperactivity. But did you know children consume more dyes thank you think?

6 Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreens – Especially for Kids

6 Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreens - Especially for Kids - #health #kidshealth #sunscreen - DontMesswithMama.com

Did you know many store-bought sunscreens contain toxic ingredients? Find out which 6 ingredients to avoid in sunscreens – especially for kids.

How to Calm Kids Naturally with Essential Oils

How to Calm Kids Naturally with Essential Oils - Great for Anxiety, Tantrums, ADHD, Overstimulation #naturalremedies #essentialoils - DontMesswithMama.com

Are your kids prone to tantrums or even just overstimulation? Try this tutorial on how to calm kids naturally with essential oils.

How to Clean and Reuse Essential Oil Bottles


Do you have a stash of essential oil bottles? Don’t throw them away! I’ve got a tutorial to show you how to remove the sticky labels from the essential oil bottles, and suggested uses on how to reuse the bottles to make oil blends, travel kits and much more.

Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration

Essential Oils for Focus and Concentration #kids #essentialoils - DontMesswithMama.com

Have trouble with focus and concentration? Got kids who “zone out” when it’s time to do homework? Believe me, I understand. I used to get the 2 pm slump where I had a hard time focusing on work. And I noticed the same with my children. After an hour of homeschool or homework, I can see […]

Can a Gluten Free Diet Help ADHD?

Can a Gluten Free Diet Help ADHD? #glutenfree #ADHD #ADD #foodallergy - DontMesswithMama.com

There’s evidence suggesting that gluten sensitivity may be at the root of many neurological and psychiatric conditionsi  -including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). What is Gluten? It’s a protein found in wheat grain and part of “gluey” proline and glutamine rich proteins known as prolamines. Prolamines are found in all cereal grains, even rice, corn and oats, […]

Gluten Free Homemade Tater Tots

Gluten Free Homemade Tater Tots #glutenfree #recipe - DontMesswithMama.com

My kids used to love eating tater tots. And who doesn’t? I used to sneak in a few tots myself before I served them to my kids. But then one day I checked out the ingredients on the bag and was shocked. POTATOES, VEGETABLE OIL (SUNFLOWER, COTTONSEED, SOYBEAN, AND/OR CANOLA), SALT, YELLOW CORN FLOUR, ONIONS, […]

Gluten-Free Graham Cracker Recipe

Gluten-Free Graham Cracker Recipe #glutenfree - DontMesswithMama.com

I came up with this recipe while testing for homemade cereal options for my kids beyond gluten-free granola. The end-result was perfection. The gluten-free oats were a perfect alternative to wheat and nuts (many gluten-free graham cracker recipes are made with nut flour, which I found to be too strong in flavor). These gluten-free graham […]

9 “Health” Foods with More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Donut

9 "Health" Foods with More Sugar Than a Donut #health #fitness - DontMesswithMama.com

A major new report by Credit Suisse Research Institute1 explores the impact of sugar and sweeteners on humans’ diets, with some shocking revelations and statistics. Worldwide, the average person consumes 70 grams of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup per day (that’s 17 teaspoons), up 46 percent from three decades ago. Yet, in countries like the US, […]

Reboot Your Health – Boost Energy, Lose Weight & Feel Better

Reboot Your Health & Feel Better - DontMesswithMama.com

I have a confession to make. It’s no surprise that my family has a lot of health issues. I’ve talked about it before – from my husband’s autoimmune issues and back pain to the gluten intolerance with my kids. But here’s where I’ve failed… I haven’t been taking care of myself. I don’t get enough […]

Essential Oils for Kids and Families

Essential Oils for Kids #DIY #natural - DontMesswithMama.com

Interested in essential oils for kids? Check out my tutorial for the best DIY and homemade solutions – from getting gum out of hair to sun relief.

Essential Oils for Baby

Essential Oils for Baby #DIY #naturalparenting - DontMesswithMama.com

Did you know you can use essential oils to make your own baby products? Save a ton of money and feel good about making your own non-toxic products. Check out essential oils for baby.

The Dangers of Water Fluoridation & 5 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Fluoride

The Dangers of Water Fluoridation + 5 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Fluoride - DontMesswithMama.com

DIY Rescue Skin Salve Recipe

DIY Rescue Skin Salve Cream #DIY #beauty #essentialoils - DontMesswithMama.com

Got winter- or wind-burn skin? Try this DIY Rescue Skin Salve Recipe. It’s nourishing and made with just two ingredients to moisturize skin.