15 Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

15 Valentine's Day Snacks, Treats and Gift Bag Ideas for Kids - DontMesswithMama.com

Want to learn more about essential oils? Sign up for my FREE 14-day essential oils e-course. Learn why and how to use essential oils + natural remedies and DIY recipes. Need healthy and wholesome Valentine’s Day snack, gift bag or goodie bag ideas for kids and school parties? Check out these cute Valentine’s Day ideas […]

ABCmouse.com Giveaway Winner

ABCmouse.com for Toddlers - Don't Mess with Mama.com

The Winner is… Thanks to everyone who entered the ABCmouse.com giveaway. It’s time to announce the winner… Congratulations to Anne P. (email at missanne…)! You won a one-year subscription ($79.95 value). Please email me at tracey @ dontmesswithmama.com with your mailing address so I can send your prize out to you. More About ABCmouse.com ABCmouse.com is a complete program with everything […]

Favorite Things in June 2013

My Favorite Things in July 2013 - Don't Mess with Mama.com

This month marked a few special milestones for us. First, my middle son graduated from kindergarten. I know, I know – it’s kindergarten. While I’m proud of his efforts and moving on to first grade, really the milestone for me is the fact that he’s growing up and moving on. He’s not my baby anymore […]

My Kids Have A Better Social Life Than Me….

My Kids Have a Bigger Social Life Than Me - Don't Mess with Mama.com

Checking my appointment book is part of my morning ritual. I long ago gave up trying to remember everything I need to do without actually writing it down and as much as I love technology, I love putting pen to paper and seeing everything written out in front of me, so my book basically maps […]

ABCmouse.com for Toddlers

ABCmouse.com for Toddlers - Don't Mess with Mama.com

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for ABCmouse.com on TV. You’ve probably seen it too – featuring testimonials from parents and teachers about how the interactive learning program helps their little ones get a head start on learning. Then… I reviewed it about a year ago for my then 4-year-old son – check […]

How to Make Clear Ice – Healthier for You, Fun Experiment with Kids

How to Make Clear Ice - Don't Mess with Mama.com

My oldest son asked me how to make clear ice. I was bit stumped. First, I thought our ice was clear until I took a closer look. The ice from our automated ice maker in the freezer was cloudy. And then I found out that most ice made in homes are cloudy. Why? Typically, ice […]

What We Did Today: Board (not Bored) Games

Board (Not Bored) Games - Don't Mess with Mama.com

It’s our second weekend of no TV and video games, and now I’m thinking I want to make this a permanent thing. After about an hour of begging me to play Minecraft on his computer, my 8-year-old son finally gave up when It told him no. I said I’d reassess at the end of our […]

8 Ways to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen

8 Ways to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen - Don't Mess with Mama.com

By the time I was eight years old, I was cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen by myself. I burned myself a few times, but ultimately it made me more independent in the kitchen. And I’ll nevr forget my mom trusting me to do it and giving me the space to make mistakes (and […]

Kid-Made Recipe: Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples

Kid-Made Recipe: Water with Lemon, Cucumber and Apples - Don't Mess with Mama.com

My oldest son was so encouraged about learning how to slice lemons that he came up with his first recipe. I’m so proud. It’s a recipe for flavored water with fresh fruit and vegetables (like our version of the spa water you find at hotels). My kids love flavored water. And to my surprise, not […]

What We Did Today: Making Wood Sculptures with Kids

Wood Sculptures with Kids

I’m starting a new series for my Saturday posts called, “What We Did Today”. It’s a chronicle of our mission to ditch electronics and spend more time as a family. Note: I just took a few minutes to write this post while my kids were cleaning up after lunch. This all started because I noticed […]

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