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Homemade DIY Sunscreen

I LOVE the sun. I grew up in Hawaii and now live in sunny San Diego, so being in the sun and spending a lot of time outdoors is just part of my daily life. And my kids love playing outside too. The struggle though has been to find sunscreen that can protect my kids […]

DIY Fabric Freshener Spray (Homemade Febreeze)

Okay, okay I’m so guilty. I used to use store-bought fabric fresheners in my home all the time, especially my clothes. You see, in an effort to avoid washing my clothes after every wash, I’d just spray my clothes for to freshen it up. But guess what? Those fabric fresheners are loaded with toxic chemicals. Those […]

Are Fevers Good or Bad? The Answer Will Surprise You

A low fever can actually benefit a sick child, and researchers have attributed parental tendencies to over-treat by “fever phobia”– a fear that fever is harmful –which they say originated after the introduction of anti-fever drugs like Tylenol (check out Tylenol Once a Month Raises a Child’s Asthma Risk 540 Percent). In addressing this important concern […]

Chocolate Peppermint Coconut Oil Fat Bombs

Fat bombs. They sound terrible right? Who wants to have fat bombs – let alone coconut oil fat bombs? Well, let me tell you they are delicious and so GOOD for you! Years ago, I stayed away from fat. I ate a low-fat diet thinking that was the best way to stay thin and healthy. Boy, […]

10 Surprising Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You

These facts the food industry doesn’t want you to know. Find out the 10 surprising reasons why sugar is bad for you. #6 is shocking.

14 Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Want to know about a SIMPLE way to burn 600 calories in 30 minutes, flush toxins out of your body, clear skin and reduce acne, and get pain relief? Learn all about Infrared saunas and why you need it.

Homemade Bath Bombs – How to Make Them Just Like Lush

Do you love those bath bombs at Lush? Learn how to make your own homemade bath bombs with a few simple ingredients. It’s cheap and so easy to make! Plus, this DIY version is made with natural ingredients – no artificial food coloring or synthetic fragrances.

6 Reasons to Get an Adult Coloring Book

Did you know coloring can help to reduce stress? Yep, it’s not just for kids. Adults everywhere are tapping into this new trend to unwind and get creative.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Thermography

Before you get a mammogram, consider a thermogram. FDA approved as an early screening tool, thermography is safe, effective, no-invasive and affordable.

Are You Serious About Your Wellness?

If you’re truly serious about living a healthy lifestyle filled with natural remedies for your family, then you NEED to read this. It will change your life.

10 Natural Ways to Better Sleep

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. About 50 million Americans suffer from sleep issues. Find out how you can get better sleep naturally.

Time to Buy a Bed? Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress (And Why You Need to Avoid Organic Mattresses)

Find out why I recommend a non-toxic mattress over organic, memory foam and conventional bed mattresses. No off-gasssing, no flame retardants, no chemicals.

10 Uses for Thieves Essential Oil

Have you ever heard of Thieves essential oil blend? Chances are you have a friend who raved about it, or a family member who swears by it. Well, I’m here to demystify it for you and explain what it is and what it can do for you. I’ll also explain how to order and where to […]

Homemade Bubble Bath

Did you know most store-bought bubble bath products are loaded with toxic chemicals? Here’s a DIY Homemade Bubble Bath recipe – it’s just 4 ingredients.

DIY Make-Up Remover

This is the best DIY Make-Up Remover made with just 2 easy, inexpensive ingredients. It’s also gentle, safe and effective for eye make-up and mascara.

How to Make Coconut Flour Recipe

Store-bought coconut flour can be expensive. Learn how to make coconut flour at home. It’s so easy to make and you’ll save money. Use it for cooking and baking recipes.

Backpack Essentials: Top Essential Oils for Back to School

Do your kids have first-day-of-school jitters? Or does your child need a little clarity for homework? Check out these top essential oils for back to school.

How to Start Your Day with Essential Oils

Not a morning person? Have trouble getting up? Need caffeine to get going? Start your day with essential oils to feel refreshed and ready to start the day.

5 Reasons to Eat Tumeric Every Day + Tropical Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

You may have heard of this spice – often found in Indian cuisine – that’s actually been used in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine. Now find out 5 reasons you need to eat turmeric every day.

Homemade Hand Cleaner Spray

Save money and ditch the chemicals found in store-bought hand cleaners. Learn how to make your own Homemade Hand Cleaner with this super simple recipe.