5 Exotic Family Vacations Where Your Kids Can Help Animals

child safari

Looking for family travel ideas? Considering a family trip abroad? Forget the local zoo and city walk. Consider a family trip where the kids will learn about endangered wildlife and animal conservation, and how to support local communities in exotic locations around the globe. It’s an excellent option for families who want who want to experience […]

DIY Reusable Mama Pads Tutorial

DIY Mama Cloth - Wing Liner Pattern - Don't Mess with Mama.com

I never thought myself to be the green, tree-hugging type of person. Perhaps it was my frugality that made me want to be less wasteful in my life. So here I am, making my own panty liners — something that I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing. A few months ago, I started using the Diva […]

It’s The Little Things…That Bother Me the Most

What Annoys You the Most?

I’m generally a pretty happy and upbeat person.  Over the years I’ve had people tell me that in the midst of disaster or tragedy, I’m a sense of comfort since I’ve always got a smile on my face and some positive thoughts to offer.  I think it is flattering to be known as that person. […]

A Boston Weekend with the Family

Boston Children's Museum

Heading to Boston for a weekend with the family? You’re in luck, because Boston is home for me and I love nothing more than sharing what this terrific city has to offer. The city is a great spot for a getaway destination with the family any time of year. There is so much to do here for […]

DIY Terrariums in a Jar Tutorial

Terrarium in a Jar - Don't Mess with Mama

I’ve always loved terrariums. It must the the miniature plants and their arrangement that makes you want to shrink down to ant-size and explore the contained little world. It doesn’t take much to make a terrarium — it can be done with plants found around your garden and jars saved in your house. The only […]

Mom’s Solo Weekend with the Kids – A Survivor’s Story

Mom's Solo Weekend with Kids

I recently did something I had never done before. No, I didn’t skydive, get a tattoo or even go on a wild spending spree at Bloomies (I wish!). I spent the entire weekend with my kidlets, ALONE. No husband, no extended family, no mommy friends, no playdates… NOBODY but me and the kids. I know, […]

6 Spring Break Ideas in the US with an Eco-Friendly Twist


Spring break is just around the corner and presents a unique opportunity for relaxation and education all rolled into one.  Children can learn about wildlife conservation or giving back while unplugging and reconnecting to the family experience. If you’re looking for a vacation in the US, why not consider one of these six environmentally friendly […]

11 Easy Ways to Bring Montessori Into Your Home

Bringing Montessori Into Your Home - Don't Mess with Mama.com

Maria Montessori is known best for her educational philosophy and hands on learning materials but you may not know that her innovative ideas didn’t stop in the classroom. Montessori was focused on supporting the development of the whole child and she actually created a curriculum for self-care, clean-up, and even social graces. She imagined the […]

Feed the Worms – DIY Small Space Composting

Small Space Composting - Don't Mess with Mama.com

Four years ago, my daughter started to have an interest in gardening. More specifically, she wanted to play with the worms in the garden. I was interested in worms, too. More specifically, I was interested in worm poop. “Ewww…” right? My friends who had bountiful vegetable gardens used compost. They had compost heaps or one […]

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