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Soy Sauce Substitute Recipe (Soy-Free, Gluten-Free)

Make your favorite Asian recipes with this Soy Sauce Substitute. For just $1, you can make this easy soy sauce alternative with ingredients in your pantry.

How to Make Real Baby Food – Korean Radish Soup (Moo Guk) with Beef Broth

Good food makes life better. My husband and I are live to eat people. We are all about enjoying good food in our family. Growing up in a Korean household my mom was very busy, she worked and juggled a million things, however she did always want us to eat good healthy food. I ate […]

How to Make Gluten Free Chinese Dumplings (Pan Fried and Boiled)

The New Year is the perfect time to enjoy Chinese dumplings. Traditionally from northern China, these crescent-shaped foods symbolize wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture because they resemble ancient Chinese money. These dumplings are typically pan-friend (kuo tieh) or boiled (jiaozi) – and either way they are absolutely delicious. Many Asian cultures have an […]