How to Make Real Baby Food – Korean Radish Soup (Moo Guk) with Beef Broth


Good food makes life better. My husband and I are live to eat people. We are all about enjoying good food in our family. Growing up in a Korean household my mom was very busy, she worked and juggled a million things, however she did always want us to eat good healthy food. I ate […]

My Vow To Not Parent Like My Asian Parents

My Vow Not to Parent Like My Asian Parents - Don't Mess with

1991 As a child, I was extremely academic. Good grades in school was part of my identity. Every year I was a straight A student and I had plenty of scholar awards to show for it. Why wouldn’t I be academic? I’m an Asian-American after all. It’s ingrained in me. Being academic is so deeply rooted […]

How to Make Gluten Free Chinese Dumplings (Pan Fried and Boiled)

Gluten-Free Chinese Dumplings -

The New Year is the perfect time to enjoy Chinese dumplings. Traditionally from northern China, these crescent-shaped foods symbolize wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture because they resemble ancient Chinese money. These dumplings are typically pan-friend (kuo tieh) or boiled (jiaozi) – and either way they are absolutely delicious. Many Asian cultures have an […]

Chinese New Year 2013: Year of the Snake Activities and Crafts

year of the snake

Chinese New Year is just two weeks away on Feb. 4, 2013 with the Year of the Snake. I admit I’m a little sad the current year is coming to an end – it was Year of the Dragon, MY year. As a child, my mother always told me I’d have special luck during my […]

Am I “Asian Mom” Enough? and My HuffPost Live Segment

I was a panelist on HuffPost Live for a segment called Don’t Judge Moms with Erin Cox of One Hot Mama, Farah Miller of HuffPost Parents, Diane Kline of QuirkOut and Rhiana Maidenberg of Married with Toddlers. I was honored to be featured with this talented group of moms. We talked about our experiences with mommy guilt. […]

Raising Children to Be Adults

raising kids to be adults

=I’ll be the first to admit, I struggle a lot with my kids. I recently read an article about why American children are so spoiled and it really got me thinking… I was raised in a Filipino household and was expected to get good grades, excel in my extracurricular activities, do our chores and go […]

Parent Dilemma: Summer Off or Summer School for Kids?

I love the summer. It’s sunny. The ocean heats up. And we spend most of our days at the beach. I have the tans lines to prove it. My kids just love swimming and boogie boarding in the ocean. In the mornings, my older kids go to summer camp at their school for a few […]

4 Things I Learned from My Mom (But Won’t Admit It)

I've stepped on Legos so many times. Now I find myself repeating my mom's words, "Pick it up or I donate it to other kids."

As much as it would have pained me as a teenager to admit it, I’ve become more like my mother than I ever would have thought. I find myself saying things like “Ai-yah!,” which is like the Chinese equivalent of “Oh my gosh!” (or WTF when the kids are not around) when annoyed by something. […]

Learning to Love the Art of Crafting

These colored ice rocks were so easy to make - fill up a water balloon, add a few drops of food coloring and freeze.

Thank goodness for the Internet. Without it, I would have no idea how to help my kids set up leprechaun traps for St. Patrick’s Day or make bird feeders out of recycled plastic bottles for Earth Day. My kids absolutely LOVE doing arts and crafts for holidays—even Earth Day and President’s Day. I think they […]

Homeschool Domination

Love this infographic about why homeschoolers outperform public school kids from Created by: College At Home

Being Chinese in America

Check out my post on on Being Chinese in America. I was invited to contribute a post to to be part of a blog carnival in celebration of the year of the dragon for lunar new year. I’m excited to be part of the blog carnival with an amazing set of women, including […]

Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

dragon paper bag puppet

Chinese New Year is on Jan 23. Celebrate the year of the dragon with your kids. Eat noodles that are uncut to symbolize long life, nin gao for good luck (try your local Chinese restaurant to see if they have any), sesame balls or jin doi, fresh fish to symbolize abundance, and dumplings or potstickers […]

Another Bad Mommy Moment

My inner Tiger mom tendencies just got the worst of me tonight. That, or I’m just one cranky pregnant lady. My 6 year old son had to do a math addition assessment today for school. The test was 100 problems (simple addition like 1+5) in 5 minutes. The school doesn’t expect 1st graders to complete […]

Chinese Dad Memes


My husband sent these to me today. They are so hilarious. I couldn’t resist posting.  

My Asian Son Doesn’t Like Rice

Tracey Black holding her son at a birthday party

I gave my 6 year old son a small bowl of rice for his dinner and he gobbled it up. I offered one to my 4 year old son, and he shook his head. He never wants to eat rice. He’s like that with other Asian food too – like dumplings, stir-fried vegetables, and Chinese […]

Growing Up Hapa

My 6 year old at the Chinese temple

I’m flying to Oahu this morning to help my sister move. No husband, no kids – just me (6 months pregnant). I won’t be doing any heavy lifting, but I’m ready for my share of boxes, tape, and packing peanuts. I’m excited to go home for many reasons: family, island life, great food, friends, and […]

Why Don’t Asian Kids Play Sports?

Why Don't Asian Kids Play Sports?

I was at a block party in my neighborhood for Memorial Day this weekend. My boys rode their bikes along with the kids for hours. I was chatting with some neighbors about kid activities. My neighbor insisted that I get my 4 year old in baseball. He couldn’t believe the stamina and energy my little […]

My Origami Master

My origami master

Ever since we introduced origami for Boys’ Day on May 5, my 6 year old son is OBSESSED with it. He loves to work with his hands so things like Legos, Bakugan, Bionicles, and arts and crafts. I didn’t think origami would be such a hit with him. My husband got this book called, “Origami […]

My Favorite Asian & Pacific Islander Children’s Books

I’m trying to add to my library of Asian and Pacific Islander books and thought I would share some of my favorites. They are limited to Chinese and Hawaiian books, so send me your suggestions to expand my library. Widgets

I’m an Asian Food Snob

Making yuyuan (taro ball soup) from scratch

I have a weird rule. Actually, I have many weird rules, but this time I’m just talking about one: I only like my Asian food to be cooked by Asian people. There I said it. This was never an issue growing up in Hawaii. I went to a Chinese restaurant, and Chinese people cooked my […]