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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for on TV. You’ve probably seen it too – featuring testimonials from parents and teachers about how the interactive learning program helps their little ones get a head start on learning.


I reviewed it about a year ago for my then 4-year-old son – check out my post for Preschoolers. We’ve reviewed other online learning programs and we preferred to all the others. is a complete program with everything from reading to math to science to art. I really like the extensive reading library and the science and social sciences (sociology geek here) in the World Around Us curriculum. There are more than 450 lessons over six levels from preschool to kindergarten – so it can grow with your child. Plus, the interactive games and personalization (kids get to decorate their room after earning tickets as lessons are completed) keep kids engaged. for Toddlers - Don't Mess with

Parent can also track their kids’ progress in the Parents Section. This is great for viewing how your child is progressing through the curriculum, and you can even adjust the lessons accordingly to your child. When my middle son was working with, sometimes I would find that he would only work on puzzles and listen to songs – which is great. But then I worked with him on working through a couple of reading books a week and the Parents Section helped me to keep track of all that. for Toddlers - Don't Mess with

In fact, my only complaint was that the program only served up to kindergarten – and my then 7-year-old son wanted to use the program too.

And now…

My older boys are 6 and 8, so they’re well beyond the age range of the curriculum. I still hope the makers will develop an elementary version so my boys can enjoy it again.

This time I had the opportunity to review again but for my toddler – who’s 20 months old. He’s a feisty little thing who can’t be bothered to sit down for more than a minute because he’s always on the go – usually chasing one of his older brothers. It’s been difficult to sit down and read with him because he’s always on the go.

But once I introduced he was hooked. At first, I wasn’t sure if there would be enough on the program for him – since it’s really aimed at the preschooler and kindergartner age group. But I actually did find a whole section JUST. FOR. TODDLERS. I love that. for toddlers - Don't Mess with

So we check it out. It was filled with so many cool features – like music videos of each letter of the alphabet, online keyboard to make musical notes, read-aloud stories with sounds and interactive pictures, coloring pages and other art activities, age-appropriate games like popping bubbles, puzzles and much more.

Whenever he hears the jingle when the program is first launched on my computer, he starts dancing and gets so excited. Right now, his favorite activity is listening to the read-aloud stories, especially anything with dogs and farm animals. He repeats all the animal noises and points at the computer. It’s just a thrill to watch his face light up. for Toddlers - Don't Mess with

We’re doing about 5-10 minutes a day, and I’m hoping to increase that over time. I’ve also been doing some of the art projects with him. For instance, he really enjoys Magic Rainbow Traceables, so we make letter together. He can’t use a mouse or finger pad yet, but I draw pictures for him.

I imagine over the next year, he’ll develop his fine motor skills enough to use a mouse and do some of the lessons on his own. I know he’ll love the puzzles. But even now, he still enjoys it and it’s our time together to work on some fun lessons – and I can keep his attention.

Price is just $7.95 per month or $79.95 per year. One membership works for up to three children – which is a bargain compared with other online programs that charge per child. Plus, you can try it for one month free.


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