10 Signs You're Addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey

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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey

10 Signs You're Addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. The Twilight fan-fiction-inspired story features Bella-like college grad Anastasia Steele and super-rich, super-hot CEO Christian Grey. Basically, James swapped the vampire theme with BDSM.

I admit I had a hard time reading the first few chapters, but once I made it a third of the way through I was hooked. In just a couple of weeks, I’ve already read the whole trilogy (Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed) and have gone back a few times to re-read the first and second books.

Yes, I’m a Greyophile. I love Christian Grey. I’m addicted to the Fifty Shades trilogy.

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey

Want to know if you’re a true Greyophile? Take this quiz to find out. Answer “yes” or “no” to the following statements.

  1. You start calling your husband “Mr.” – as Ana calls Christian, “Mr. Grey”. I’ve been doing it a lot with my Mr. lately. Bonus points for using “sir” or “master”.
  2. You start talking to people about your hard limits – like, “I will not wear pink nail polish. It’s my hard limit.”
  3. You have a sudden urge to buy your husband a silver grey tie.
  4. You start buying Bollinger wine. It’s the Greys’ favorite.
  5. You’re re-thinking your spanking beliefs – and not for the kids.
  6. Vanilla ice cream has become you’re new favorite flavor.
  7. You start biting your lip and rolling your eyes hoping your husband will order you to stop.
  8. You have a new fascination with elevators.
  9. You start sending inappropriate emails to your husband at work.
  10. You start researching silver balls and wonder who soon they can be shipped to your home.

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you are a GREYOPHILE! Feed your addiction with these book recommendations when you’re done reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the third time.

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Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey
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  1. I’m so pleased to have found you guys! Yesterday evening I finished re-reading series. (I’m from Poland, but read the books in English) I’m in love with Christian. And what is worse- I’m having real crisis in my own relationship (separation etc. + I’m a mommy, too) and this book has just made it deepened. I know all this is a fiction and that the men like him don’t exist, but the books opened my eyes on how unhappy I am with my present life. And I can’t see hope for myself. I google articles, listen to music etc. I can’t wait for some more from Christian’s point of view or their further life with children. I wish there will be more ordinary problems that touch every of us.
    As much as I love those series, sometimes I wish I had not started them. I feel depressed a bit. And when I read that this book has spiced up your marriage’s lives I feel even more frustrated, because I’ve just lost interest in my fiance (or ex-fiance- we’re separated for a while). Am I only one who is that fucked up with this book?
    I’m glad that I could say it to you, my friends are also affected by 50 shades, but (un)fortunately not as much as I am. And maybe because polish translation sucks, in English everything sounds better.

    • Thanks for visiting. I think anyone reading the 50 Shades series goes through withdrawal when it’s over – and no one can really live up to Christian but he’s a fictional character. I went through the same thing with Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. When women need the perfect man we write about them. Men have their flaws just like us. But it sounds like it’s a hard time for you right now. Hoping things look up soon. Best of luck!

  2. I just love this post! I am on book 2 and totally addicted! Can’t stop thinking of this series!

    • Take. Your. Time. Seriously, you’ll go through the books so fast and will then be wishing you could savor it more. Though, you could just keep re-reading them like I do.

  3. Katie Degrey says:

    Thank you ladies for giving me some peice of mind-I thought I might be the only one seriously effected by these books. Especially when all the reviews slate it for being badly written and lacking in plot. 🙁
    Like others have said kids, hubby and chores around the house neglected while I basked in my fantasy world, consuming the books in a week! The re read starts tonight! Would love story from Christians point of view!

  4. Ian Somerhalder is my ideal Christian. Ana I’m not so sure about,maybe Emilia Clarke. I’m so impatient about casting but apparently it’s going to be awhile. Who are your picks?

  5. How about also adding to the list: You’ve started to use the words mercurial and errant in everyday conversations and created a twitter to specifically tweet about Fifty shades and rally support for your ideal Christian Grey to be portrayed on the big screen…… ahem @WeWantIan4CTG

    • Hi there, thanks for visiting. Yes, I too have used “mercurial” too. I can’t wait for the movie casting. Who is your ideal Christian and Ana?

  6. Courtney says:

    Thank goodness I am not alone. I started 2 weeks ago. I just finished book 3 for the SECOND TIME! Yes, I have read the trilogy twice. And am damn near tempted to read it again. I need Christian’s point of view in her next book,PLEASE?!

    • Thanks for visiting. I’d be in heaven if EL James wrote the series from Christian’s point of view. We should all rally to encourage her to do it.

  7. You know, they could turn the whole series into a soap opera, or an HBO TV show. I think I would like it better than a movie. I am also in total withdrawal. I loved watching their unlikely relationship grow and I am guilty to your entire list PLUS setting up Itunes for the first time so I can download all the music to play over and over. I re-read the series with youtube on hand playing the music and it really was like having a soundtrack while you read. Very different experience. I loved the second book. I could probably read that one over and over. The turning point when Christian gets on his knees I could read over and over (and have!) I also found myself cross referencing the first meeting from Ana and Christians point of view. Ah well, I think I will take the advice and go read the outlander series. I need something to fill the Christian void and DH is a little intimidated at the moment…

    BTW, I did an ANA from the 3rd book and did some shaving. BAD IDEA! I don’t recommend it. 2 days later I was at the doctors with a UTI. Never had one in my life.

    • Thanks for visiting. I have yet to listen to the soundtrack while reading the books. It’s my next step. So sorry to hear about the incident. Hope you’re better now.

  8. Another sign you’ve got it bad…creating your own playlist of the songs and playing those songs as you re-read. I know…sad. LOL 😀

    • Denise, PLEASE share your playlist in the Community. I’ve been thinking about songs myself, so far I’ve got some Muse, The Smiths, and The Cure.

    • Yes Denis!!! I’ve been downloading all the songs and different artists onto my ipod (not that I listen to it, because I’m too busy with the books!)

      • I’m going to figure out how to share it, it’s on my Spotify account. Would you know how to do that? Also, if you go to the website for E.L. James, you can find the soundtracks for all 3 books. If you have Spotify you could download all the songs, except for two, for free.

  9. Greyophile! I love it!! I am truly a Greyophile. I’d been saying for awhile that I would start the book. Well this past Sunday I picked up Fifty Shades and the next thing I know is I’ve read all 3 books in a week. I have been so tired this week because I’ve been up late reading. As soon as I finished I was sad it was over and know I will re-read. I read another post about the series from Christen’s view – would love that too.

    • I loved the Meet Fifty Shades chapter in the epilogue too. I’d be a happy woman if EL James wrote a series from Christian’s point of view. Let’s hope it comes into fruition and not die like Stephanie Meyer’s Midnight Sun (which was supposed to be from Edward’s point of view).

  10. Eran:
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read!! I’m afraid to get the audio books. I can hardly hang on to my ‘proper decorum’ as it is! Well, I’m off to begin reading Vol 1 thru 3 for the eighth time.
    Funny, funny, funny post!!!

  11. I first read the trilogy in four days, cried when it was finished, bought all three in the audiobook AS WELL and have been listening to them over and over and over and over and over and over again while I do my chores and ignore my kids. I find myself waking up at night to listen to more, falling asleep with earbuds in my ears, earbuds in my ears ALL the time! I am not sure how many times I’ve read and or listened to the books, at least 5. I love to listen to the music, have found some great songs I didn’t know! Making my friends read the books, so I have something to talk to them about. I don’t take phone calls, I have been getting my housework done though since I have been listening instead. I took things another way when I listened instead of reading, got a different take.

    I have been telling EVERYONE I want to see the entire series in Christian’s POV!!! That would be great!! I call my husband Mr. and Sir all the time, blink at him, bite my lip, send him inappropriate emails (causing him one night to drive 4 hours home in the middle of the night to come home from his boy’s weekend a day early). I have considered stopping, but we’ll see

    • Where did you get your audio ones from? I am looking to get them for a 24 hours car ride but am worried that the voice might be annoying.

    • Fran, I could not have said it better myself. When reading the first time, and whenever I am re-reading (going on the 11th time), I ignore my family and all responsibilities. Per your suggestion, I am going to give the audio version a try!

  12. So it’s totally normal if I want to read them again? I feel like now that I am done I am missing something. I read the books in 3 days .. woke up early and stayed up way past my bed time. I also tried to take my time reading the last few pages so I wouldn’t miss it .. I am a DORK!

    • So NORMAL. You’ll be in good company with the rest of us. And if you want to chat more about 50 Shades of Grey with the rest of us, please stop by the Community. Like who would you cast in the movie?

    • Totally normal – I think I have read the trilogy 10 times now – I always discover something I didn’t notice before and re-reading makes me happy every time!

      • I can’t tell you how relieved I am to find other people with “Christian OCD”!! I’ve now read them 7 times! Dr. Oz talked about the 50 Shades phenomenon a few weeks ago and he said the books were popular and re-read because they satisfied pleasure centers in our brains. (Probably the same as cigarettes, booze and food!!) Well, I don’t care what the scientific explanation is, I simply enjoyed the trip with Christian out of the dark and into the light. It is also interesting how the author raised the “F” word to a venerated state! 😉 I too, have found things in the story that I had missed or misinterpreted before. I’ve also read them using a different “voice” and found that when I gave Christian a more sympathetic voice i.e. not shouting all the time I enjoyed the stories even more. I sure would like to see the author rewrite the whole thing strictly from Christian’s POV like she did in the epilogue. I’m reading the books on my e-reader. Had I been reading a paper book, I certainly would have worn them out by now!! To those of you who haven’t played the music mentioned in the book while reading the books, do try it. It is akin to adding spices to your food!

        • AWESOME! Now I know I can read them again and not think I am nuts. I was trying to avoid reading again but school just let out and I have off all summer! I hope the movie comes out soon.

  13. My husband bought some of the silver balls that are used in the book and they are pretty amazing. If you are looking for some I would recommend these as they are surgical stainless steel and easy to clean. Check out the link below to see the listing on Amazon.

  14. Hey Tracey, I finished the trilogy (that’s all i’ve done this week) and I found your blog looking for anything that will give me more Christian! I’m so happy to find fellow addicts, it means i’m not alone. 😉

  15. Neatgirl says:

    Omg! Ladies I read these books in 5 days and I am infactuated with Mr Grey! I started googling to feed my obsession! I need to find similar reads. Hooked indeed. I hope the movie (I hear there is one being made?) lives up to the passion, intense, kinky f#^*ery relationship of Christian and Ana. I too quote parts of the book and my boyf thinks I’m crazy but hey ho. Great escapisium. Is there a Mr Grey out there?!?! Hmmm only in books and movies huh 😉 I like the idea of downloading the music, def will hunt those tunes out!

    • Thanks for stopping by. The music playlist is next up for me too. I’ve been re-reading parts of the trilogy over and over. I’m just not ready to give up Christian.

  16. If you want to keep that spark lit than I would suggest Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. Your husband will continue to reap the benefits..Read Grey a couple of months ago and finally got my daughters to read it, my son in laws are so happy.:)

  17. I’m not sure who is enjoying this book more…. me or my husband. He may not be reading it, but he has reaped the benefits! I am completely and totally obsessed and so glad it has sparked a flame in my 10 year marriage! I think I need a 4th book!

  18. I am sooo happy that I found this blog. I finished the books about a week and a half ago and am so bummed that its over. I cannot get it out of my head and have been thinking I have a problem. So nice to know I am not the only one!

    • Ashley, I’m so happy you found my blog too! Read the series again – slowly – to really enjoy it. Is it wrong to love a fictional character? I can’t get enough of Christian Grey.

      I’d love for you to join in a conversation on my community about 50 Shades of Grey. http://dontmesswithmama.com/community/. And I’ll be posting more 50 Shades stories soon so keep checking back.

  19. So I was doing some, um, “research,” and found your Fifty posts through google….I loved this one, especially!
    Sharing it with all my friends (and Hubby) who are reading the book too.
    I am obsessed….
    On 2nd book and already fretting about what I will read after, so will definitely check out your post on other reads!

  20. I loved every delicious minute, but I did love the story (bringing someone from the dark into the light) even more. After reading your list, yeah, I’m addicted!

  21. No lie: I found your blog by googling “50 Shades of Grey withdrawal” 🙂
    I finished the last book this morning (read all 3 this past week) and I am sooo sad that it’s over. I feel so dumb saying it, but I feel better knowing that I’m not alone! Like others have said, it took me 5 or 6 chapters to get into it (I guess because that’s when the sex starts), and I have some general plot complaints, but I am so invested in these characters and their story, and I’m just not ready for it to be over. 🙁 Now I have to go back to caring for my children and cleaning up after myself.
    Anyway, I LOVE your list! Number 2 (hard limits) made me lol. And #7 and #9 made me feel like you were reading my thoughts! (get out of my head!)
    Thanks for giving me a safe place to commiserate!

    • Dana, so glad you found my blog. I think we need to start an online support group for 50 Shades of Grey, so we can keep the conversation going. I really appreciate your comments. I feel the same way. I was picking up my kids and reading 50 Shades and had to instantly turn from erotica reading to preschool mommy. If only the other parents knew…

    • At last: someone who can who can translate my thoughts into words!! I’ve just finished re-reading all three books and found them much better the second time. I wish you had persevered Kathleen: when you get past what makes you feel embarrassed, I think it is a wonderful story of two people finding each other and consequently themselves. One, Ana a virgin, has no experience whatsoever and Christian who has only horrific experiences for the first 15 years of his life and they manage to fall in love. OK, there’s a LOT of sex along the way but it was, for me, the sub-story that kept me going. I hope no one tells you the ending or the epilogs (yest there are a few) because if you choose to finish reading the books you will love the ending. Ms James’ recipe for success was so simple: drop dead gorgeous man, beautiful virgin, tons of money involved, large ‘member’, insatiable appetites, a little bondage, some rough sex and a little not too rough sex, a lot of gentle loving sex, a lot of cross tension and wallah you have a best seller. I’ve never read exotica per se but I loved the ‘back story’ if you will, of this book, ergo: I read them all again and enjoyed them again and maybe more. I wish they had’t ended too. I would like to see the same books rewritten from the point of view of Christian and with a little more insight to the enigmatic Taylor. What do you say bloggers? Should we bombard EL for more of the same but from another perspective?

  22. I read the first book just to see what all the hype was about. Like most, I was far more curious about what happened between the heroines outside of the playroom, elevator, etc than inside. I wanted to know what made them tick and how it ended. I just finished the first book and don’t really feel the need to continue on. That is why I was searching the internet…I just want to know what happens in the end. Do they ever heal? Do they end up together? If you want a really GREAT read, I suggest The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I will take Jamie Fraser over Christian Messed Up ANY day!!!

    • Kathleen, I highly suggest reading the 2nd and 3rd books. You will find out all about Christian’s background. Most of book 2 covers it. You can just skip through all the sex scenes – though that’s what I find myself re-reading. 😉 I’ve heard about The Outlander series from others too. Great suggestion. I may pick it up soon – I’m going through 50 Shades withdrawal.

  23. Good one!:) I too am being slowly seduced by Mr Grey. Oh my! 😉

  24. I have ate, slept and drank Fifty Shades! Finished all 3 in one week and now have 4 more people hooked. What a way to kick off my summer reading.

  25. Oh my! I just heard about these and have devoured them for the last couple of weeks. Just want it to go on and on. Great way to spice up your marriage!

  26. Borgie – the play lists for each book are on E.L. James’ website: eljamesauthor.com ! I think there are some songs mentioned in the book that are not included on those lists, but I just added them to my iPod as I was reading.

    • Thank you so much for helping. I’ve downloaded most of the music from iTunes and found a bunch in my CD library. Now I am going to read the books again but this time accompanied by the music. What good books — and music!

      • Kimberley says:

        lol damn, I should have scrolled further down. There was a reply

      • i did the same. listened to the music while reading some of them where quite beautiful. i really wished the meet fifty shades at the end of Freed was its own trilogy. loved reading it from his point of veiw.

  27. I loved these books. Predictable but I loved them anyway. I want to know how to get a list of the music that was mentioned in the books. The Lakme one I knew and love but I want to hear the others mentioned.

  28. 11. You now say “laters” instead of goodbye or see ya.

  29. Long before Mr Grey, There was Beauty, and her Prince. Perhaps 50 shades was a perfect warmup for all of you to prepare to meet the trilogy from A.N Roquelaure, or as we know her better, Anne Rice.
    In fact this series written in 1984 may have been a model for 50 shades.
    The Claiming, Beautys punishment, and beauty’s release. Hmmm a pattern perhaps? And dont bite your lip!

  30. Stephanie says:

    Love your posts about 50 Shades! I feel a little better now that I know it’s not just me who’s totally obsessed with Mr. Grey.
    I just read about Ian Somerhalder (from Vampire Diaries) as a potential Christian Grey and I think he’d be perfect.
    Now I must run…the kettle is ready for my Twining’s tea.

  31. Trust me, they’re addicting!

  32. Love this – made me laugh out loud! I am so addicted and have been re-reading the trilogy obsessively. I have also been drinking Twinings English Breakfast Tea and loading all songs mentioned in the books onto my iPod. I am absurdly in love with the fictional Christian Grey, and my vote to play him on screen is Colin Egglesfield from “Something Borrowed” – he will just need some copper highlights in his hair and he is good to go! Thanks for this great list!

    • Thanks for visiting, Sara. I’ve been re-reading too. Love your suggestion – I’d say adding songs mentioned in the books definitely makes you addicted to 50 Shades. I like Colin Egglesfield too – though Alex Pettyfer is still my favorite.

  33. Christine, I forgot about Ana’s tea. Yes! I have been drinking my tea a lot more lately. People.com did a story about who should play Christian Grey. Hands down, I love Alex Pettyfer from I am Number Four and Beastly. He’s the perfect Christian. What do you think?

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